Well pleased with the increased performance of my Bentley GT. I didn't expect such an improvement. The service received by JFAutomotive was professional and polite, I would recommend them.

Steve - View Case Study

It's the customer service and personal service that sets JF apart from the rest

There are a number of tuners who offer similar products however it's the customer service and personal service that sets JF apart from the rest (as well as an amazing product of course) It's the 2nd car I've had tuned and wouldn't go anywhere else, I will always recommend them to friends and forum users. Thanks again John!!!

Russell - View Case Study

JF Automotive remapped the ECU on my Ford Transit. They increased the hp and torque slightly and now it is a pleasure to drive with the power spread more evenly over the throttle range. Early signs show that mpg is about the same but I hit a lot more traffic so there is an improvement.
I have recently been back for the map to be removed so that Ford can carry out an update. The hardware caused them some problems but they bent over backwards to sort it out. I can't wait for Fords to complete their work so JFA can put the map back on. I'm missing it already.

Vic Cruttenden - View Case Study

Just a quick thanks to all the guys at JFA. Had my brand new F-Type remapped having seen Jag bring out a '400' version of the same engine (and add a few thousand £'s to the price tag). The power increase is impressive with 415bhp (from 375), but it's the torque that really grabs you as soon as you get back in the car. The power is so much more usable and instant!! Thanks guys.

Matthew Allen - View Case Study

My 2011 Lamborghini had both a TCU and ECU remap and it's totally transformed the car along with BMC Carbon filters as recommended. Total professional setup and very knowledgeable people.. I would definitely use again.

Greg Wheeler - View Case Study

No need to change up and down gears on hills anymore

Very easy to deal with. Significant improvement in power. No need to change up and down gears on hills anymore and now my discovery overtakes! 15% better fuel consumption too. After 6 months no problems at all. Price was reasonable. I have had lots of modified cars and comparing JF automotive with others including marque specialists I have not had a better experience and have no reservation about recommending them. I'll let them have a go at my M3 when its out of warranty.

Matthew Debenham - View Case Study

Contacted these guys to Re-Map my gear box and engine on a new Mercedes E63s 4Matic AMG. What can I say…..Great service from day one and what a difference. I'm almost at 700bhp and 960nm of Torque!!!! The car is still very much drive-able and you can pootle along at 30 or rip your face off! I whole heartedly recommend these guys and they will even pick up and drop off your car if you are too busy.

Top class service from true experts in their field who actually care.

John Melrose - View Case Study

So much more power and I’m even getting better MPG

Had my 65 plate Seat Leon remapped by JFA a few months ago, the difference it has made is amazing, so much more power and I’m even getting better MPG. I would recommend these guys to anyone considering having a remap.

Laurence - View Case Study

Many thanks guys for sorting my petrol Octavia 230 vrs.
The results are very impressive. Acceleration is now very strong and the car is much quicker. It pulls earlier and harder in higher gears making gear changes less frequent.
I am very pleased with the results.
As far as mpg is concerned I have yet to do a long trip to compare but initially it's very similar to how it was before. I'm expecting better mpg on long cruises. On a recent gentle run 55mpg was indicated.
Very impressed.
Thanks again.

D. Howell - View Case Study

These are the boys to talk to!

I had my VW T5 mapped by the chaps and what a difference in performance now. It's a different vehicle. The lads at JFAutomotive really know their stuff and very professional and look after me, they kept me informed with all that they were doing. If your looking for a remap on your vehicle then these are the boys to talk to. I highly recommend them..
Thanks Mike great job.

Scott Penberthy - View Case Study
Bugatti Veyron Dyno

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