Tesla Model 3 Performance with JFA Branded Wrap Tesla Model 3 Performance with JFA Branded Wrap

Our Latest Development Car – Tesla Model 3

Is the future electric?… We wanted to find out.

We’ve had many fun and exciting development cars over the years – BMW M3 F80, Audi RS3, Golf R Estate and our latest Audi RS4 B9 to name a few. However times are changing and we wanted to see what the future has in store… Introducing our Tesla Model 3 Performance Model. With it’s dual motors making up the AWD system, this car accelerates from 0-60 in 3.2 seconds with a top speed of 162 mph! We think the Model 3 looks stunning, but we couldn’t leave it stock! Here’s a look at what we offer, fitted and tested to our own car!

Getting Low

As there is no engine, one of the very best modifications in our opinion for the Tesla Model 3 is lowering springs. Although it handles nicely in the corners with the help of its low centre of gravity, we found that by dropping all 4 corners by 30mm not only improved the look of the car, but also improved handling and reduced body roll.

We also fitted H&R Wheel Spacers to further improve the handling and help even more with traction. They really help to make the Tesla look more aggressive when paired with the springs! We offer these H&R Lowering Springs and spacers supplied and fitted at our facility. Get in touch for a quote!

Styling Changes

We thought that our Model 3 needed something to make it stand out from the rest. That’s exactly why we turned to Maxton Design. We added a front splitter and side skirts to our vehicle which totally transformed the look! These come with mounting kits to make sure they line up perfectly, helping to give the OE look to the car, whilst also making it more aggressive. We offer all Maxton Design parts supplied and fitted at our facility. Get in touch for a quote!

De-Chroming the Tesla Model 3

Finally, we fully de-chromed the Tesla, wrapping the roof, mirrors, badges and window surrounds in black vinyl. This is the service that we are also offering now, with the work carried out by a professional. If you are interested, drop us a message for a quote!

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