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310BHP Golf GTI Package

VW Golf MK7 GTI ECU Remapping is like bolting an extra engine on without the added weight, huge results.

Volkswagen Golf 7 GTI 2.0TSI 220BHP & 350Nm 2016

Development of our Elite Race Tune for the New Simos 18.1 ECU has led to impressive results for the 2.0TSI engine in the VAG Group cars.
Our car of choice for this particular tune is the iconic Golf GTI. As with any development the vehicle was subject to data-logging to ascertain the stock Boost Pressure, RPM, Intake Air Temperatures and Ignition Timing.
This model boosts way below its turbo’s potential, which mean there is plenty of room for adjustment and the ultimate goal, safe power.

After a few runs on the dyno, we noticed that the car makes considerably more power than the manufacturer figures this was partially but not all due to the presence of a Milltek Cat-back Resonated System we had installed previously.
The stock figures for this model are 220HP & 350Nm of Torque but this example made 255HP & 414Nm of Torque.

As usual, we read the ECU through the OBD port inside the car which took all of around 10 minutes to complete. From there, we made a base tune to see what effect little changes to the ECU made to the power output.

The base tune gave positive figures of 290HP & 450Nm of Torque. Over the following few days we developed the tune further to produce final figures of 310BHP and 500Nm Torque.

Peak HP was seen at 5800rpm with peak torque at 3200rpm. The engine ran a very safe AFR consistently through the rev range on back to back to tests and data logs.

VW Golf MK7 GTI ECU Remapping is only a glimpse of the services we have to offer at JF Automotive. Many more options are available for the entire VW range and other makes too.

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