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Does your vehicle have frustrating lag, slow response and flat spots? or you want to unlock some extra power?

Book our performance tune to fix that! With the acceleration time reduced and the huge increase in torque, this allows the car to rev freely to the limiter. Did you know its the torque you can physically feel pushing you back into the seat; That’s why they call it the “remap smile” 😁.

Having tuned over 23,500 vehicles in the last 12 years with 1300+ reviews online it’s safe to say we are the professionals!


Bored of how your vehicle drives?

We can give your vehicle that WOW factor again! After we have uploaded the JFA tune you will wonder why it took you so long to have it tuned, that’s why we have so many repeat customers. If you was looking to change vehicle but don’t want to spend all that ££££ then get it tuned by us instead and save a fortune.

Do I need stage 1, 2 or 3 ECU Remap?

  • Stage 1 Performance tune is a software re-calibration only.
  • Stage 2 tune is software re-calibrated to work with light engine modifications e.g Air Filter, exhaust, intercooler.
  • Stage 3 tune is software re-calibrated on the dyno for heavy engine modifications e.g Cold air intake, exhaust, intercooler, turbo upgrade and more.

Have a tuning question?

What we have to offer:

  • Rigorously tested tuning at our purpose built 2000bhp 4WD dyno testing facility
  • Lifetime tuning software support – Tune wiped by dealer? Get the tune back for free!
  • 2000bhp Mustang 4WD linked dyno testing facility
  • Comprehensive £2million Aviva insurance backed work
  • 30 Day Satisfaction Guarantee
  • In house tuning file writers
  • Custom calibrated tuning for each vehicle
  • M.O.T compliant software
  • 23,500+ Vehicles tuned by us
  • Over 1300+ reviews
  • Dealer network – Get your vehicle tuned across the world
  • Loyal customer referral scheme – Earn cash-back!

Why is my vehicle not already optimised for peak performance?

Manufactures sell vehicles with a standard set of map files on the ECU so they can be shipped all around the world. Vehicles are shipped around the world meaning they have to deal with different climates and a magnitude of fuel types and quality, this is why the manufactures set a standard map that will simply work anywhere.

Power and fuel economy is also limited on these maps because of market placement and sales tactics. For example; BMW needed to limit the power of the 335D just so its pace isn’t that of an M3.

Performance engine tuning is essential for those drivers who feel their vehicle is not living up to its full potential. By increasing the power of your vehicle you are providing yourself with a more pleasurable car to drive that puts that smile back on your face.
Whether the gain is 5 BHP on your 1.4 Ford Focus or 55 BHP on your BMW 335d, when you choose a JF Automotive ECU performance map, you will wonder why you didn’t come to us sooner!

Engine Safety

The most important factor to remember is engine safety. We design our software to achieve the highest possible performance whilst maintaining the vehicle’s longevity and drivability without compromising on reliability. We know this because we test our tuning rigorously at our purpose built 4WD dyno facility that simulates road conditions.


We include lifetime software support while you own the vehicle – If the tune is overwritten by a dealer update or you want the vehicle back to standard for any reason then we will carry this out for free.
We include a 30 Day Satisfaction Guarantee!…Read more!

What do we do?

We start by performing a vehicle health check using diagnostics equipment which will highlight any current faults. We then download the data from your ECU so one of our in house “file developers” can calibrate your tune. Next we write our tuned software to your ECU, clear any programming codes followed by an extensive road test with data logs if required before completion.
If you opt for the dyno session we will run the vehicle before and after we have tuned it…Read more!

Why are some tuners so cheap?

We are hearing of more and more horror stories of “poor tuning” and lack of “aftercare” when things goes wrong. Check out our tuner comparison page!

Still have questions?

Feel free to ask us anything or check out our most popular FAQ’s.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Will the lifespan of my engine be reduced?

No. Our remaps are designed specifically to improve the performance of your vehicle whilst remaining within the tolerances of your vehicles’ components.

Sadly, in attempt to achieve ‘big numbers’ some other companies over tune engines, placing excessive stress on the engine, transmission, cooling systems, etc, leading to reduced life span and reliability of the vehicle. We pride ourselves in producing reliable remaps which do not over stress your vehicle but still produce impressive results.

How long will it take to remap my vehicle?

The JFA custom written OBD remap will usually take between 1-2 hours, depending on the vehicle. However, some vehicles especially those requiring bench tuning or dyno can take up to a whole day. Get in contact with us for an idea of how long it will take us to tune your vehicle.

Can the remap be reversed?

Absolutely. We offer this service free of charge if the vehicle is brought back to us. We’ll be very surprised if that’s what you want after taking one of our remap products, however in the case of lease cars some customers prefer to put the car back to standard before returning the car. You might want it back to standard if you are visiting a dealer for warranty or service work, again we will do this for free. Should you lose your tuning files due to dealer actions or parts failure we will be happy to re-install the map onto your car free of charge where possible.

Why we don't you offer ECU remapping for £200!

We get asked, “Why do some tuners charge as little as £150?” There are a few factors as to why we do not offer remapping for £100-£200!

We supply custom written files for each vehicle that we remap that take in to account condition, milage and customer request of each vehicle. Our services are fully insured with a 30-day money back guarantee and lifetime support for the tuning software supplied. We constantly invest in the most up to date tuning and diagnostic equipment and software and we offer a quality service to all our customers.

Overall our custom supplied tuning software is of the highest standard that we know of, so if you want the best of the best, choose JF Automotive.

What if a main dealer wipes the map with a software update?

No problem, simply bring the vehicle back in and we will take a fresh read of your ECU and write you a new map file free of charge. We offer this as part of our lifetime software support.

I have existing modifications, will this affect the remap?

Some existing modifications can improve the gains made by remapping a vehicle, and modifications to parts such as air filters and exhausts reduce restrictions of manufacturer parts. We offer a range of remap packages to cater for a whole host of modifications. If you wish, you can order modifications from us to compliment your map and have them fitted when we remap your vehicle.

What is covered with the "30-day money back guarantee"

In any case where a customer is dissatisfied with any ecu remap software supplied, within thirty days of the supply date, the customer can request their money back. In order for any refund to be processed, the customer must present their vehicle to our workshop and allow our technicians to restore the vehicle to its original state. On successful completion JF Automotive will refund the cost of the remap to the customer.

No refund can be granted unless the vehicle is returned to the original state by JF Automotive. The 30-day money back guarantee only applies to stage 1 remaps and does not apply to other services like pops and bangs, parts or dyno sessions.
If another modification is purchased alongside a tuning file, which relies on a remap to operate, only the cost of the file is covered by this guarantee. We reserve the right to withdraw this 30 day money back guarantee.

Read full Terms and Conditions

Do I need to notify my insurance company?

Whilst the remap is undetectable to dealer equipment, you should notify your insurance company of any modification to your vehicle. Many insurance companies do not penalise you for upgrades of this nature, particularly if you’re tuning for increased economy however a failure to disclose modifications may invalidate your policy. You may wish to enquire with your insurer if the modification will affect your policy prior to choosing one of our services.

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