The A90 Supra – Tuning The Iconic JDM’s Successor

The Return Of Toyota’s JDM Legend

41 years ago, Toyota introduced what would soon become their most popular sports line. Fast forward to 1993, and a legend was born wielding the very same name; The Mk4 Supra. Not only was this car ahead of it’s time in the 90’s, it remains to be the most sought-after JDM cars. With its extremely underpowered 2JZ engine, owners were quick to tune the infamous block to 4 figure horsepowers with ease. That’s exactly why everybody was excited at the announcement of the Fifth iteration of the Supra back in 2019. We’ve spent hours with the A90 Supra tuning on our Mustang 2000HP Dyno developing our software to unleash the car’s true potential. Can we help the A90 Supra to live up to its predecessor?

Stock Results and Figures

There is a lot of controversy around the Toyota and BMW partnership for the Supra. But it certainly doesn’t take away from how impressive the Supra is! We first run diagnostics checks on the car to make sure that everything is running as should be. We do this before changing anything on the car so that we can be sure everything will run smooth after mapping. Factory figures claim that this car produces 335 BHP and 500 Nm torque. Whilst these figures are impressive, we run every car on the dyno stock to see what it is actually producing. When we put this Supra on the dyno, we discovered it was actually running higher than the stock number with 369 BHP and 572 Nm torque. That’s 34 BHP and 72 Nm torque more than Toyota quote! Differences like this are to be expected, especially with the Supra having the BMW 3.0L Engine as most German cars show the same trend.

At JFA, we love all things JDM. That’s exactly why we were eager to find the true potential of the car after tuning!

A90 Supra Tuning: The Results

After many tweaks and adjustments being made to our software, we were finally happy with the results this car was producing. On the last few dyno runs, we found that the Supra was now running an impressive 442 BHP and 664 Nm Torque! That’s just over 100 BHP and 160 Nm Torque more than Toyota claim the supra makes! As with all jobs we road tested the car to ensure everything was in order; it felt like an entirely different vehicle! As you can see from the dyno graph, the torque band shows just how different the power delivery is throughout the entire rev range now.

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