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Bugatti Veyron Tuning: Oakley Design

This Hypercar was stripped of it’s body panels and replaced with full carbon to make this bespoke Oakley Design Veyron finished in yellow. We had the honour of remapping the beast, to really release it from it’s chains.

The Veyron is a legendary hypercar and a future classic. It broke the record for the highest top speed in 2005 at 254mph. Since then faster cars are on the market but the impression that this car has made on the car industry will never die. Bugatti stopped production of all variants of the Veyron in 2015 when they released the Chiron. Many supercar enthusiasts still sought after the Veyron which is why Bugatti Veyron tuning is something that we have worked hard to develop and perfect.

This Veyron in particular is very unique and special. Oakley Design trusted us to tune this Bugatti Veyron EB 16.4 (2015). This is a big project which involved every body panel being removed from the car. They made moulds of each piece and carbon fibre panels being made of these! Along with the exterior, Oakley Design fully revamped the interior with leather and yellow alcantara everywhere.

Initial Dyno Runs

When the car was delivered, everybody here was eager to get the car strapped down to find out what it was running! An astonishing 987BHP and 1350Nm torque is unleashed on our Mustang AWD 2000 dyno. That’s 100Nm more torque than Bugatti claim the car has when it leaves the production line! Differences such as this is to be expected, especially considering the Veyron is entirely hand assembled. However that doesn’t mean we can’t get more out of the car!

As you can imagine, everyone involved with the project wanted the most power and torque out of this car. We got to work on writing the map…

Bugatti Veyron Tuning Results

We spent 5 long days tuning the Veyron, with even the smallest of tweaks to the map being followed by another dyno run with data logging equipment monitoring the engine to make certain it was safe and heading in the right direction. When the car went back on the dyno for its final run, we discovered the outcome of our hard work: 1200BHP and 1584Nm torque! We managed to extract 200BHP and 234Nm more torque from this now ultra light-weight hypercar. This makes it a true monster with little to no competition on the planet, even today. Oakley Design took the car to a top-speed testing facility and found that the car could fly round at 257.869mph! Now that is some serious speed in something on the ground.

Since this project, we’ve tuned more Veyrons here at our development facility. This means we’ve had time to hone our maps to perfection. If you want to talk to us about tuning your car, call or email us today!

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