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Alfa Romeo Guilia Quadrifoglio Tuning

Now this is a saloon car to be proud of! The Guilia Quadrifoglio’s 2.9L Twin-Turbo V6 produces an astounding 505BHP, yet is made of lightweight aluminium giving it a perfect 50-50 weight distribution! Our Stage 1 remap can give the Guilia Quadrifoglio a massive performance gain!

The Alfa Romeo Guilia Quadrifoglio is a beautiful and carefully designed saloon car. From the aerodynamic design all the way to the sleek leather and carbon fibre interior, it is a delight to see! The Guilia Quadrifoglio is Alfa Romeo’s first performance car since the 4C, and you can see just how far they have come! This is the ONLY production saloon in the world to have active aero! Read more about the Guilia Quadrifoglio on Alfa’s site here. Our in-house file writing experts were able to take Glenn’s stunning Guilia to the next level. Using the latest tools, they developed a custom Stage 1 map to gain a boat-load more power!

Stocks Figures

When it leaves the factory, the Alfa Romeo Guilia Quadrifoglio produces a whopping 505 BHP and 600 Nm torque! That on it’s own is enough to make your hair stand on end! We know from experience that most cars tend to have a little more power than factory specs; take this Stelvio Quadrifoglio N-Ring Edition we tuned last year for example! To see how much power Glenn’s car in particular was producing, we strapped it down to our Dyno and carried out a couple of power runs. The results were in: A very impressive 510 BHP in its current state, but why stop there? We know the engine in this car is more than capable of giving us much more significant power figures! After reading the stock ECU file we got to work with our file alterations and by monitoring the results using the Dyno, we started to get close to the perfect tune.

Tuned Figures

After tweaking and testing the map, we achieved some results worth smiling about: 547 BHP and 801 Nm torque! Quite a respectable increase of +37 BHP and +151 Nm torque thanks to our Stage 1 remap. Now this car can well and truly leave the competition in the dust! A C63 AMG has got nothing on this now! During our road test, the car felt more solid with all the additional power across the rev range as well as improved throttle response. Safe to say Glenn is over the moon with the improvements to his car and wished he came to us sooner!

If you own a Guilia Quadrifoglio and would like to experience all this power for yourself, call today or use the form above!

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