VW Golf Remap On Dyno VW Golf Remap On Dyno

VW Golf MK7 R Remap

Golf R Remap & DSG Remap

Golf MK7 R ECU Remap from JF Automotive providing that more fulfilling drive! As it is currently one of the best everyday road cars available in the UK, we knew it would become a very popular car for tuning and aftermarket parts. For this reason, we purchased our own Golf R Estate for research & development.

The MK7 Golf platform is fitted with the latest generation 2.0TSi engine is controlled by the Simos 12 & 18 ECU, similar to the Golf GTI.

How we got to work on the Golf R Remap

First we performed a quick health check using our diagnostic testing equipment and then put the vehicle through a set of stock dyno runs and data logging. Data logging the engine in standard form allows us to understand every aspect of the  ECU. Our first data log and dyno run and revealed the engine was making 310BHP at the flywheel with 400Nm of torque, up 20Nm over manufacturer figures. After checking the existing map we could see that Volkswagen had set the torque to 400Nm.

Carefully analysing the recorded data logs we started re-calibrating the engine ECU data for a Stage 1 tune. Our aim was a safe 360bhp and 500-520Nm tune using standard engine components.

Using our specialist ECU programming equipment we wrote the newly developed software to the ECU. We then preformed a post tune data log  to ensure everything is reacting well to the new map.

For this tune, we wrote between 30-40 different maps applying fine adjustments to make the perfect tune. It’s this meticulous attention to detail demonstrates the care we take when producing each one of our maps.

Golf MK7 R ECU Remap not only transforms how the vehicle performs but can also save you money with its increased fuel efficiency on motorway driving, we have seen regular 40-42MPG!

Golf R DSG Remap

We have been tuning DSG gearboxes since it’s release back in 2003, but how can we make a fast gearbox better?
Well after countless revisions to the software we managed to decrease gear shift speeds by 5-15% (depending on the software version) while also raising the torque limiters to give increased power in the lower gears. We can also disable the lockdown switch at the bottom of the accelerator pedal and prevent auto gear upshift when in manual mode. This transpires to a far more engaging drive with nothing left on the table!

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