Tuning File Service

Our high quality custom remapped tuning software files for almost all the popular petrol and diesel vehicles. We have our own R&D department for continuous tuning file product development. We supply custom remapped files in only 4 steps.

Opening An Account In 4 Easy Steps

Step 1 –> Create your free account – Its free to register here!

Step 2 –> Buy tuning credits – Slave, Master or EVC!

Step 3 –> Upload your stock file and submit your request.

Step 4 –> Download your tuned file in less than an hour!

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Why choose JFA tuning files?

  • Great support team to help you tune safely.
  • Custom high quality, safe and Dyno-tested tuned files
  • Tuning files with the best and safest performance results
  • No standard online file portal, always personal contact
  • We support all tools and all checksums on the market
  • Competitive prices and dealer benefits available
  • Stage 1, stage 2, stage 3, Vmax, o2, Pops, DTC, EGR, DPF programming and more!
  • Mustang 2000bhp AWD linked dyno for testing in our own purpose-built facilities
  • Over 20 years experience in the automotive industry with 10 years in chip tuning and tuning file development.
  • Vehicle Stats Here
  • Vehicle stats API coming soon!

How do I use the tuning file portal?

Our ever-growing tuning file dealer network has become a great success with users in over 20 countries requesting tuned files. If you are interested in becoming a JFA tuning file service dealer or would like more information please send us an enquiry.

What is required to become an official JF Automotive Dealer?

  • Laptop running windows 7 or higher.
  • An internet connection for file transfer and software updates.
  • Good customer skills as you will be representing our company brand.
  • Motor vehicle knowledge.
  • Diagnostics tools for scanning codes and proving logs when required.
  • 100AMP battery stabiliser.

We can supply any of the equipment above upon request.

We pride ourselves on our ability to provide a quality tuning service and files all around the world. We don’t have the largest dealer network for a reason: we offer a personal service which enables us to work more closely with our dealers.

  • Insurance backed by Aviva.
  • We offer a 30-day money-back guarantee on our tuning files which can be passed onto your customers.*
  • Tested tuning – We data log and develop all software in-house before it reaches the customer.
  • Mustang 2000bhp AWD linked dyno housed in our purpose-built tuning facilities – All for file development.

What can we offer?

  • Quality – Tried and tested tuning files, custom-written in-house.
  • Tuning tools from all major suppliers.
  • Fully insured – For your peace of mind.
  • Fuel savings to shout about – Up to 15% better fuel economy with our eco-blue files.
  • Measured results – Come and see our 2000BHP AWD linked dyno in action.
  • Friendly support team – We have all the information and technical know-how.
  • Business support – We can give advise on how and where to advertise your business with free literature.
  • Diesel and petrol multi-channel tuning modules available.
  • Tuning parts, air filters, exhaust systems, supercharger pulleys and more – Ready to order.
  • Return on investment possible in 3-4 vehicles.
  • Alientech, Magic Motorsport and CMD approved dealer and re-seller.
  • Contact us – phone, email, Facebook messenger, WhatsApp, Skype or via the dealer portal.

JFA Dealer benefits

Becoming an official JFA dealers means you’re part of us. We are here to help you grow your tuning business with everything we have mentioned above and the following:

  • Use of JFA branding including logo, images and more.
  • Discount on tuning tools and equipment through our online shop.
  • Prioritised tuning file service.
  • Use our new API vehicle search tool (Coming soon).
  • Lead generation – We will pass work to you if we have a job in your area.

Equipment Required


JF Automotive official re-sellers for a range of tuning equipment on the market including:

For the latest prices on any of this equipment, please check out our online shop.


*See full terms and conditions.

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