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BMW 335D Tuning

BMW 335D ECU Remapping and Tuning

For years, the 3-series diesel cars have been very popular for tuners. Diesel engines gain lots of power and even more torque when remapped. This is mostly due to the much higher compression ratio of diesel compared to petrol. Alongside this, diesel is a lot denser than petrol and is able to store 15% more energy per given volume. These factors result in more energy being transferred into pressure on the piston; increasing the torque acting through the crankshaft. The 335D is absolutely no exception to this. We offer our stage 1 335D tuning package here at JF Automotive or through our dealer network.

BMW 335D Stock Figures

The 3.0l Diesel engine in the 335D has some very impressive figures out of the factory. BMW says it produces 308BHP and 630Nm torque. That’s pretty quick for a car that you can buy in an estate shape! We put the car on the dyno and carried out some stock runs so that we had a baseline to compare our stage 1 software against. We found that this car in particular was actually running 313BHP and 653Nm torque! German car manufacturers generally understate their power figures when releasing a new model so we expected a small increase like this.

BMW 335D Tuning Figures

We spent a couple of hours analysing the hundreds of maps within the ECU to make the perfect tune. After a bit of magic from our tech guys, the car is producing 375BHP and 815Nm torque! We transformed this car from a pretty nippy diesel BMW to a real competitor to cars like the Golf R which has a power-to-weight figure of 203BHP/tonne, compared to our new and improved 335D at 216BHP/tonne! The benefits don’t stop there though as the dyno graph shows;  both power and torque delivery is much smoother now making for a much better ride all the time, whether you’re driving 30 or 70mph.

If you own a diesel BMW yourself and would like more power and even more torque, we can write performance software for virtually any model, enquire with us today!

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