McLaren 570s Strapped Down On Our Dyno Ahead Of Tuning McLaren 570s Strapped Down On Our Dyno Ahead Of Tuning

McLaren 570s Tuning

McLaren are known for their powerful and lightweight supercars, and the 570s in no exception! A JFA Stage 1 Remap offers up big power gains!

McLaren is known for its powerful and lightweight supercars, and the 570s is no exception! A JFA Stage 1 Remap offers up big power gains!

Being the entry-level McLaren, the 570s is overlooked by some. However, you have to drive one to realize that it’s still a weapon! This everyday supercar urges fast driving in typical McLaren fashion with its 3.8L V8 Twin Turbo engine, rear-wheel drive system & dual-clutch gearbox. This all places it in the same boat as rival cars such as the AMG GT or 911 turbo. That being said, the 570s boasts an impressive weight of 1,440kg! That’s light enough to blow the competition out of the water in a race!

Most knew from the minute this car was revealed that it was going to be a hit. Much more affordable than McLaren’s other models and still fast, it’s a receipt for greatness! Here’s a review of the car by ‘Auto Express’ if you want the ins and outs. This is why we knew from the release that McLaren 570s tuning was going to be worth developing and perfecting. We put this stunning ‘McLaren Orange’ car on the dyno for an entire day to make sure the map was perfect. By making many tweaks along the way, we ensured the final results were something to smile about…

Stock Results

According to the brochure, the 570s leaves the factory with 570 HP (duh!) and 600 Nm Torque. From the many McLaren’s we’ve dyno’d in the past, we know the true stock figures can fluctuate a lot! After removing the car’s large undertray, we strapped it down securely on our state-of-the-art dynamometer. We then run the 570 multiple times so that we had a solid graph to base our finding off. What we found was just as we suspected; this car specifically was running 571 BHP and an impressive 672 Nm Torque! With 70Nm above the factory figures before any tuning, we knew this 3.8L twin-turbo engine would make big power!

McLaren 570s Tuning Results

As we’ve discussed the car is already great. It comes with the McLaren badge. The ride isn’t too harsh (especially for a supercar!), it gets lots of attention and when you press the right pedal, your face melts! Once we had written the custom map to the car, we run the car on the dyno once again to find out exactly what gains the car received. Using the latest tools, JFA can tune the 570s via its OBD port, meaning the ECU is never removed from the vehicle!

After many hours of dyno testing, data logging, and map tweaking we arrived at a safe power figure of 461WHP (Wheel Power) and 630WNM (Wheel Torque) which equates to 632 HP and 829 Nm. With that much torque, the car feels noticeably different. It now pulls a lot harder across the whole rev range making for a much more spirited driving experience. After a road test and final road data log, we cleared any fault code that may have triggered from the dyno sessions. We could feel the power increase which was nothing short of CRAZY: exactly what the 570s is all about. This customer has since said he was very happy with the car now and that our stage 1 software is night and day over the stock map.

If you’ve got a McLaren and would like to enquire about tuning, call today or use the form above!

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