Audi SQ5 Tuning On Our Dyno Audi SQ5 Tuning On Our Dyno

Audi SQ5 3.0TFSI Tuning

The SQ5 Is The Car Where Luxury Ride And Performance Meet. We Love Tuning This 3.0L Petrol Engine For Even More Power And Torque!

People know Audi for their amazing performance whilst maintaining comfort and functionality inside the cockpit. The SQ5 is the perfect example of this. Where most manufactures are looking for diesel engines to go in their SUV range, Audi went for a more traditional performance option. The 3.0L Turbo Petrol engine pushes 350BHP out of the factory, and the interior is typical of Audi, being top-class. In fact it’s the same engine you would find in the S5 and even some Porsche models! If you are the type of person who wants to be comfortable and stylish but occasionally beat most other cars off the lights, maybe the SQ5 is your car. That being said, why would you want our Audi SQ5 tuning package? Well you can never have too much power! With our Stage 1 performance software alone, we get more power and, more importantly, a lot more torque.

Stock Figures

We had this 2018 SQ5 in with us for a whole day so that we could develop and refine the map to the best it can be. After running our diagnostics and establishing that everything was working as intended, we strapped the car to the dyno. We found that the car was actually running 375BHP and 547Nm torque! There’s clearly a huge difference there compared to what Audi claim the car should make! This is typical of German car manufacturers as they tend to downplay their figures.

Despite this, we know from experience that this mighty engine can certainly make even more power than this with our stage 1 performance software!

Audi SQ5 Tuning Figures

We spent all day analysing the hundreds of maps within the ECU to make the perfect tune. We transformed this car completely, with the SQ5 making 411BHP and 674Nm torque! That’s nearly 60BHP and 174Nm torque over what the manufacturers quoted! We exceeded the customers expectations with the tune with not only more power but enhanced drivability also! After driving it up and down the road, popped back in to us just to say how different the car felt now! This is particularly thanks to the smoother power and torque curves as shown on the graph. The remap has certainly improved the car even when driving around town or cruising on the motorway. We highly recommend a performance tune like this on any SUV for a much improved ride and more pulling power for those steep hills!

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