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McLaren 675LT ECU Remapping

McLaren ECU remapping that is safe, & reliable by true professionals and enthusiast. McLaren 675 is one of the best super cars for engine tuning & ecu remapping. The McLaren 675LT, announced at the 2015 Geneva Motor Show, is a track designed, lightweight version of the 650S. Named the “675” the car’s power output (in metric horsepower), and “LT”, as reference to the “Long Tail”.

As with all of our software development we follow a strict set of procedures for McLaren ECU Remapping.

First we performed a health check using our diagnostic testing equipment. We could then put the vehicle through a set of stock dyno runs and data logging. Data logging the engine in standard form allows us to understand every aspect how the engine and ECU calculates its data. Our first data log and dyno run revealed the engine is healthy albeit slightly less horsepower than the manufacture claimed which can be down to something simply like intake air temperatures on the day.

We then proceeded to remove the engine ECU so we could safely connect our equipment directly to it in order to extract the data required. This data extracted is then analysed by our in house software developers making small changes to unlock the full potential from the engine. We also compare the ECU software with our dyno recorded logs so we can see exactly how the changes will adjust the engine parameters.

The ECU is then re-programmed with the re-calibated software for a dyno & data log to ensure everything is reacting correctly to the new software map.

Making the perfect tune takes time on and off the dyno making fine adjustments until we reach perfection. This Intricate procedure allows us to write a file that is safe and yet strong in power. It’s this meticulous attention to detail that demonstrates the care we take when producing each one of our maps.

After the final map is written and we are satisfied with the results and safety of the engine and drivetrain, we road test the vehicle in different driving scenarios making sure its drives just as well or better in every mode.

So we have been able to tune the McLaren 675LT to 730-740BHP and 820-830Nm – Please note the dyno graph on this page is power shown at wheels and such will be an drivetrain percentage loss to calculate.

We now also have a range of upgraded air filter and exhaust system upgrades for the McLaren models. We also offer McLaren ECU Remapping for the MP4-12c, 540C, 650S and 720S models.

Collection or on site tuning is offered worldwide for these exclusive vehicles.

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