Tuning the ‘Untuneable’ Abarth 124

There’s a lot of press on owners clubs claiming the Abarth 124 isn’t a car that can be remapped…we’re not afraid to take on a challenge.

Several specialists had attempted to tune the Abarth 124, but seemed to hit issues. Power curve wasn’t stable, couldn’t get suitable gains etc. It seemed common belief that the only way to get power from the 1.4 Multiair powerplant was to add a tuning box. After studying the ECU type, and looking at a few stock files we couldn’t really see any reason for the lack of success, so had a car booked in for development work.

Simon brought his stunning 124 down to us for the works to be carried out, this nearly new car offered a totally clean slate with no mechanical issues to have to work around.

First we performed a quick health check using our diagnostic testing equipment as per standard pre-dyno process. Following this, we put the vehicle through a set of stock dyno runs and data logging. Data logging the engine in standard form allows us to understand every aspect of the ECU. Our first data log and dyno run revealed the engine was making 181BHP at the flywheel with 294m of torque, up 50Nm over manufacturer figures.

Carefully analysing the recorded data logs we started re-calibrating the engine ECU data for a Stage 1 tune. Our aim was a safe 200bhp and 300Nm tune using standard engine components. Using our specialist ECU programming equipment we wrote the newly developed software to the ECU. We then preformed a post tune data log to ensure everything is reacting well to the new map.

For this tune, we wrote between 20-30 different maps applying fine adjustments to make the perfect tune. It’s this meticulous attention to detail demonstrates the care we take when producing each one of our maps.

Abarth 124 Results

With final numbers of 205BHP & 320Nm we exceeded our targets, whilst maintaining a totally safe AFR – Abarth 124 ECU Tuning really does transform how the vehicle performs!

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