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JFA Speed Buster

Don’t let a locked ECU stop you from getting the most out of your car! We can unlock the performance your car is hiding…

We at JFA have been working hard to combat the growing issue of locked ECUs. Vehicle Manufacturers have been doing this to their new cars to prevent people from writing a map directly to the ECU. But what if you want to tune your car? We have come up with a solution: The JFA Speed Buster!

What is it?

The JFA Speed Buster is a simple piece of hardware that plugs into your vehicle via existing cables and overrides signals that the sensors send to the ECU. This means that we can change the air/fuel mixture, adjust turbo pressure, and even increase power to give you much stronger acceleration. The great news about it being hardware is that, even if the ECU is locked, we can still tune the car!

What can it do?

  • Up to 30% More Power
  • Up to 15% Fuel Saving
  • Bluetooth app control (Google Play) & (IOS)
  • cold start timer
  • 2 Year Product Warranty
  • Digital Micro Processor Controlled
  • Multi-Channel Controlled
  • 2x free reprogramming

What advantages does The JFA Speed Buster have over a direct remap?

Even if you have a car that can be tuned directly to ECU, there are still some advantages to having a tuning module instead. For example, a remap to the ECU can take around 1-2 hours (depending on the vehicle), whereas a tuning module is installed and ready to be used in around 45 minutes! Other advantages include:

  • Global shipping
  • Covers vehicles from 1999 and up
  • power results are either identical or near-to identical to direct ECU remap
  • The ECU doesn’t need to be removed

Our Yaris GR

Firstly, we want to start off by saying we LOVE the Yaris GR! We have had it for a year now and even now we still find it a fun little rally car. Our biggest issue when we got it was that we couldn’t remap the ECU. Frankly, we took that as a challenge! We knew this car could do so much better! therefore we strapped it onto our state-of-the-art Dynomometer so we could begin the development of our tuning module. While it was strapped onto the Dyno we could program the tuning module to give us better power figures, and where we needed to make adjustments to things like the timing, we could make the changes and run the car again. Using this method we managed to take the Yaris from 261BHP to 305BHP! that’s an improvement of +44BHP, which is nothing to turn your nose up at!

You can find out more about our Yaris GR by clicking here

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