JFA260 Conversion Kit – Big power for the little Abarth

260BHP & 375Nm from the ever popular Abarth 500 platform – Available now!

JFA260 Conversion kit

The JFA260 conversion kit is a game changing performance upgrade for the Abarth. This full Stage 3 conversion kit will take a standard 135BHP car up to 260BHP or more whilst retaining full road legality – not compromising on emissions to make power. Due to the low weight of the Abarth, this boosts the power to weight ratio up towards that of vehicles such as the Lotus Exige, Jaguar XKR & Aston Martin DB9.

This really is the ideal fast road/trackday engine as it makes incredible power gains whilst retaining the cars superb OE driveability & reliability.
 Using a much more modern turbocharger than other kits currently on the market we’re able to produce boost 1200RPM earlier, reducing the turbo lag most Stage 3 conversions suffer from to a minimum.

This is the maximum safe level of power for the stock engine internals. The kit is capable of making 280+BHP with strengthened engine internals, with the turbocharger capable of over 300BHP. If at a later date you want yet more power, then it’s available without replacement of all the new parts you’ve just fitted.

£4295.00 inclusive of VAT.

Kit contents

  • Injectors x4 – 380CC Genuine Bosch/Ferrari
  • Sensor kit x1 – Genuine Bosch Manifold & Charge sensors
  • Turbo Technics S260 turbocharger x1
  • Silicone turbo intake hose x1
  • Silicone turbo to intercooler hose x1
  • Oil feed/return kit including gaskets x1
  • Hose clamp set x1
  • 200 Cell sports cat downpipe x1
  • Scorpion Full 2.5” Exhaust System x1
  • Oil filter x1 Genuine
  • Turbo to manifold gasket x1
  • Genuine turbo to downpipe gasket x1
  • Turbo V band clamp x1
  • 20W50 Oil (2l can) x2 – Genuine Abarth
  • Induction Kit x1 – Forge Motorsport
  • Front Mounted Intercooler Kit x1 – Forge Motorsport (includes silicone hoses)


We generally advise allowing 12-14hrs to fit with a fully qualified technician.

In house fitting at JFA is priced at £1190.00 inclusive of VAT.


Your Abarth will need re-tuning to be able to run correctly with the JFA260 kit fitted. The new 380cc injectors will need scaling in, and the new manifold pressure sensor, and charge pressure sensor will also need scaling in order for the engine to run correctly. You will also require the rear O2 sensor diagnostics disabling. If you don’t do this, you’ll get an EML for catalyst inefficiency.

JFA can fully tune the JFA260 kit in house on our Mustang dyno for £895.00 inclusive of VAT

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