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BMW has expanded its line of luxury sports cars! The M3 G80 brings a fresh look to the 3 series model. But what if we could make it better?

BMW has expanded its line of luxury sports cars! The M3 G80 brings a fresh look to the 3 series model. The JFA tuning module can provide the M3 with some massive performance gains! The 3 series is, without a doubt, BMW’s best-selling car model. The S58 in-line six twin-turbo engine mounted within the new BMW M3 drives the rear wheels like every day is race day! With that said, the M3 is going to be able to give the competition like Audi’s RS5 a run for their money! If you want to find out more information about how brilliant the car is, there’s a review from ‘Car Magazine’ here. Because of this information we knew that we had to equip the BMW with a tuning module! That way the car would go from simply good to absolutely staggering! Therefore we put this brilliant car on the Dyno for the day. This would give us time to install our tuning module, and now we have our exciting final result…

Stock Results

According to what BMW says, the M3 G80 leaves the factory with 510BHP and 650Nm torque. Nevertheless, we know that more often than not that they leave the factory with better performance figures than declared. We know this from previous work we have done with other BMWs. To get an idea for ourselves, we strapped the M3 down onto our handy Dynamometer. We ran the car multiple times until we had an accurate graph to see exactly how well the car was performing. As it turns out, we were right! Our findings showed that the M3 was running 520BHP and 706.3Nm torque. With 56.3Nm above factory figures, we knew very quickly that this car was going to make some massive power!

BMW M3 G80 Tuning Results

As we’ve already said, the M3 is incredible… If you decide to put your foot down, be ready to sink into your seat! However, even with this much power, it is still comfortable to drive. Once we had installed our tuning module onto the car, we ran it on the Dyno again to see exactly what gains the car had received. Using the JFA tuning module, we can make use of its plug-and-go feature to quickly and safely deliver better performance to the vehicle!

After several hours of testing, data logging, and adjusting the tuning module we had our final figures… 610BHP and 823.8Nm torque! That’s a massive improvement of 90BHP, and with that much torque, it will knock your socks off! During the final road test and data log, we cleared any fault codes that may have been set during the Dyno runs. We could feel the power increase which was nothing short of insanity! This customer is incredibly pleased with the results and said that it “feels like a whole new car”.

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