Toyota Yaris GR (2021) Parked At The Battle of Britain Airshow Toyota Yaris GR (2021) Parked At The Battle of Britain Airshow

The Yaris GR – Our Development So Far!

After 6 months with our Yaris GR, we can confirm the excitement doesn’t stop! We’ve been working with many parts companies and spent a lot of time developing a tuning module for our car. We want to tell you about everything we have to offer for this road-rally car!

JFA Tuning Module

257HP out of the box is already very impressive for a 4WD sub-1,280KG hot hatch. That being said, we couldn’t resist pushing more out of this 1.6 3-pot! At the time of this article, there is no way for anyone to tune Toyota’s locked ECU, leaving us the option of a tuning module. When we run the car stock on our dyno, we found Toyota were actually being conservative with their figures! We saw power peaking at 263 HP and 374 Nm Torque! Although another 6 HP over the quoted factory figures isn’t huge, no body is complaining about getting more than expected!
After many tweaks and adjustments on our development system, we settled on a solid and safe +33.15 HP & +45.26 Nm Torque on the otherwise stock vehicle! These are really solid figures; 296 HP is certainly nothing to scoff at.

Eventuri Intake
Milltek Exhaust
Eibach Springs & Spacers
Rear Seat Delete
Wrapped by RGVA – Designed by 811 Design

Bugatti Veyron Dyno

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