Eco-Blue Tuning

Our Eco-Blue tuning is all about saving the motorist money on their fuel bills. With up to 20% fuel savings for some vehicles you can’t afford not to take advantage of this software.

Our eco-Blue software is designed in house using our Mustang AWD dyno to simulate real life road driving and conditions.

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  • In House 2000 AWD Mustang Dyno Tested Software
  • Comprehensive £2million Insurance Backed Work
  • 30 Day No Quibble Money Back Guarantee
  • Custom Written Software To Your Vehicle
  • Up To 20% Improved Fuel Economy
  • Up To 20% More BHP & Torque
  • Lifetime Tuning Software Support
  • M.O.T Compliant Software
  • Reliable & Safe


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Manufactures sell vehicles with a standard set of map files on the ECU so they can be shipped all around the world. Vehicles are shipped around the world meaning they have to deal with different climates and a magnitude of fuel types and quality, this is why the manufactures set a standard map that will simply work anywhere.

Power and fuel economy is also limited on these maps because of market placement and sale’s tactics. For example; BMW needed to limit the power of the 335D just so its pace isn’t that of an M3. Another great example is manufactures and their new eco friendly cars like Blue Efficiency and Blue Motion, they get away with selling these models at much higher prices for a more fuel efficient map to the ECU. JF Automotive can remap all vehicles petrol or diesel to make then run cleaner and more fuel efficient even if it is a Blue Motion from VW or Blue Efficiency from Mercedes-Benz.

We also tune taxis, motorhomes, vans, trucks and even boats for fuel savings!


JF Automotive have vast experience with fleet operators and company vehicles, to reduce vehicle running costs and cut down on C02 production. JF Automotive have helped private motorists and small and large fleet operators save on carbon emissions.

JF Automotive’s Specialist team is dedicated to working with Fleet Operators providing solutions through research and development to help reduce fuel bills and lower vehicle emissions for the company.

We cater for fleets from 5 vehicles, or 50,000, JF Automotive’s highly experienced and dedicated Fleet team can help with a bespoke tuning solution for you and your vehicles. Our mobile team can install your JFA tuning nationwide and across Europe.

Working with project teams at JFA to identify comprehensive solutions for fleets, driver profiling, behaviour and training, journey management, alternative fuels, GPS tracking and work scheduling, all of which will have an enormously positive impact on fuel economy. JFA supports these initiatives by profiling existing vehicles on your fleet. Taking in to account its warranty period and de-fleet date, we can recalibrate the ECU to deliver outstanding results:

  • Fuel economy tuning
  • Co2 reductions
  • Speed limiter installation or removal
  • Rev, Throttle & Torque limiting
  • Performance Tuning For Power Take Off – HGVS + Plant Equipment

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