Mercedes E63/S Tuning

How we extracted 700BHP from the E63S whilst retaining reliability & drivability – We look at the work involved in developing the perfect tune for the E-Class.

Mercedes E63 tuning – What can we do for your car?

The 2017 Mercedes E63S power plant now pushes 604bhp and 850Nm with a new 4WD system to help tame it – It’s also turbocharged and this makes it an ideal candidate for tuning. We’re able to increase power and torque, to bring new levels of performance and truly unlock the car without any risk of damage to engine or transmission components. Power figures around 700BHP are achieved with a mild tune and totally stock hardware!

Mercedes E63 Tuning Development

With any tuning project, someone has to go first. The development cars take a long time to tune, as there’s no pre-existing basemap to work from. We had the car for a few days to allow us to work out what was achievable and perform extensive testing to find the limits and safety margins.

As with any development project, we started by data-logging. After a few runs on the dyno, we noticed that the car makes considerably more power than the manufacturer figures, but this is quite common with German manufactured vehicles. The dyno results showed this engine produced 643bhp and 901Nm – 39bhp & 51Nm up over the manufactures figures.

After several hours on the dyno gathering the required data we removed the ECU. Our development team disassembled the unit, and downloaded the original software from it. We could then set about adjusting various parameters (turbocharger pressure, ignition timing, air fuel ratio and much more) to tune the engine for optimal performance. We then tested the tune on the dyno, datalogged, adjusted & repeated multiple times until we got the desired results.

With the dyno readings looking positive, we then took to the road to see how the car performed. Again, more datalogging to confirm the tune performs as well on the road as it does on the dyno – big numbers on the rollers are meaningless if the car doesn’t drive properly!

Mercedes E63 Tuning Results

Our Stage 1 software on the development car gave figures of 698bhp & 981Nm. We found the car much smoother to drive, and with nearly 1000Nm of torque, it really does pull hard when required. Looking at the logs there appears to be a lot more scope for even more power from these engines, however they will need larger turbochargers to produce more power – the cooling systems on the engine, and the transmission appear to be massively over-engineered from the factory. We found the E63 AMG a very well built car, and one ideally suited to tuning.

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