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Quicksilver, a pioneering automotive exhaust manufacturer founded in London in 1973, has been at the forefront of delivering unparalleled exhaust systems that redefine driving experiences. Recognizing the demand for exhaust systems that not only outlast the average car’s lifespan but also offer the ultimate sound experience, Quicksilver collaborated with “JF Automotive” to fit the Lamborghini Urus with their revolutionary exhaust system. This case study highlights how this collaboration fulfilled the customer’s desire to unleash the true sound of their Lamborghini Urus.

Meeting Customer Demands:

As proud owners of “JF Automotive,” we understand that a Lamborghini Urus deserves an exhaust system that matches its exceptional power and refinement. Our valued customer, a passionate Lamborghini owner, approached us with a specific request—to unlock the full potential of their vehicle’s sound and make a statement on the road. With Quicksilver’s sterling reputation for crafting exhaust systems that meet such expectations, we knew this partnership would elevate the driving experience of the Lamborghini Urus to new heights.

The Sound Architect™ Module:

At the heart of the Lamborghini Urus exhaust system from Quicksilver lies the transformative Sound Architect™ Module. This cutting-edge technology features electronic valves, granting the driver unprecedented control over the vehicle’s sound profile. Through the intuitive QS App available on both Android and iOS devices, our customer gained the power to command the exhaust valves at will, unlocking the true symphony of the Lamborghini V8 engine.

Simple yet powerful, the QS App allowed our customer to set the valves to either fully open for a thunderous and captivating roar or completely closed for a refined and subtle purr. Even after powering off the vehicle, the Sound Architect™ Module retained the chosen valve setting, ensuring a seamless and personalized driving experience every time.

The Benefits:

By installing the Quicksilver Sound Architect Urus Exhaust, our customer enjoyed unparalleled autonomy over the Lamborghini Urus’ sound. This system stood out, especially considering the “global harmonized” noise legislation regulations that often hindered the exhaust’s performance. Unlike the factory-installed Lamborghini exhaust valve management, which automatically closed the valves on throttle release, Quicksilver’s innovative solution enabled our customer to retain full control over the exhaust system, overcoming any interference from the car’s systems.

Unparalleled Performance and Aesthetics:

Beyond the captivating sound experience, the Quicksilver Exhaust system delivered exceptional engineering and design features. The 3″ large-bore pipework, thoughtfully integrated with a clever reverse-cone rear silencer, amplified the Lamborghini Urus’ performance and projection, elevating the driving experience to new heights of exhilaration.

The quad 100mm Tips, a striking visual element, added a touch of elegance and sportiness to the Lamborghini Urus, making it stand out on the road with its bold aesthetics.


Collaborating with Quicksilver to fit the Lamborghini Urus with their cutting-edge exhaust system was a resounding success for “JF Automotive” and, most importantly, our satisfied customer. By installing the Sound Architect™ Module, we enabled our customer to unleash the true sound of their Lamborghini Urus, elevating their driving experience beyond imagination.

The combination of Quicksilver’s advanced technology, precision engineering, and stunning design elements resulted in a harmonious fusion of performance and aesthetics. The Lamborghini Urus fitted with the Quicksilver Exhaust system became a testament to the exceptional quality and passion for automotive excellence.

Experience the raw power and symphony of your Lamborghini Urus with the Quicksilver Exhaust System. Unleash the true essence of your vehicle’s sound and elevate your driving experience to unparalleled heights.


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