BMW 650i Tuning

BMW 650i F12/13 Engine ECU Remapping And Tuning

Now this is a good looking car; the red paintwork is stunning on this 2012 BMW 650i. This German V8 is a great engine that we love to tune, with some already impressive stock figures that we can make even higher with just a stage 1 tune. Even without additional hardware, we managed to produce some impressive horsepower and torque increases. We offer this BMW 650i tuning package at JF Automotive or through our dealer network.

Check out this review by Autocar of the F12/13 6-series.

BMW 650i F13 Stock Results

BMW claim the car only makes 450BHP and 650Nm torque at the crank, yet after a run on the dyno, we revealed that it was actually making 480BHP and 680Nm torque. Inflated figures such as these can be expected from most German car manufacturers as each engine comes out of the factory with a different power figure.

How Do We Know The Power?

We record all power figures on our Mustang 2000BHP AWD linked dyno. This piece of kit measures wheel horsepower and torque. Factory estimated power figures are measured at the crank, and do not account for drivetrain percentage loss. For this reason, we apply our estimated drivetrain percentage loss to the wheel horsepower figures from our dyno to give us flywheel power.

Don’t worry your car will still get the figures we quote online, but the dyno readout always shows wheel horsepower.

BMW 650i Tuning Outcome

After a fair few runs, the car managed to make an astounding 555BHP and 800Nm torque. As a result, that’s 100BHP over claimed figure from BMW! This is the reason why we think the F12/13 650i is an amazing car to tune.

If you have a 650i and want to find out more, give us a call and we’ll happily answer any questions.

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