At JF Automotive, we’re a passionate team bonded by our love for high-performance vehicles. With almost 70 years combined experience we stand out in the industry, driven by innovation and dedication to pushing the limits of automotive excellence.

Our commitment to staying ahead in technology and expertise sets us apart. Join us in our journey of redefining high-performance cars, where each project reflects our cutting-edge solutions.

Meet the skilled minds behind our success as we continue grow and shape the future of automotive excellence…

Business & Growth

Years in the Automotive Industry

John Ford, Founder & Director 🏎️

I’m the proud owner and director of JF Automotive. Growing up around race cars, thanks to my dad, fueled my passion for the automotive world. 

Since leaving school in 2001, I’ve been immersed in the industry, bringing years of hands-on experience to our team. 

Beyond the workshop, you’ll find me on the golf course, exploring the world of crypto, and enjoying the thrill of sim racing. My diverse interests shape the dynamic approach I bring to both work and play.

Dream Car

Porsche 992 GT3 RS

Years in the Automotive Industry

James Marshall​, Business & Development Manager​ 📊

My role is to develop and grow JF Automotive to become a leading “One Stop” automotive company. After previously spending 13 years in engineering I was attracted to the opportunity of being back around cars.

When I am not at work you will find me on the golf course, I love the 19th hole! Some of my favourite things are snowboarding, real ale and my black Labrador Hudson.

I do miss my early cars which were a Mk1 Astra GTE and my beloved Mk2 Golf GTI 16V with BBS alloys!

Dream Car

Aston Matin DB5 / Ferrari SF90 Spider


Years in the Automotive Industry

Gemma Thackham, Marketing Manager​ 📲

I am steering our brand’s Marketing journey with over 3 years of dedicated experience. Beyond the office, I’m not just about analytics and strategising; I bring a personal touch to our team! My creative passion helps to ensure our brand shines in the competitive automotive industry. 

And here’s a little insider info – when I’m not immersed in marketing trends and cutting-edge technologies, you might catch me in the company of my cats or throwing punches in the world of kickboxing. 

I would say my personal interests add a unique approach, to making our journey at JF Automotive all the more exciting.

Dream Car

Porsche 911 GT3

Customer Relations

Years in the Automotive Industry

Olivia James, Client Advisor 📞

I’m dedicated to fulfilling every customer’s needs, addressing any enquiries they may have. Whether it’s a few runs on the dyno, or a full exhaust & bodykit, I’ve got you covered!

My Passion for cars began from a very young age, playing with toy cars is where my admiration started!

Now I spend most my weekends with my Mitsubishi FTO, either fitting something new or I’m at a car show.

Dream Car

Ferrari F40

Years in the Automotive Industry

Lucy Unger, Client Advisor 💬

I am here to advise our clients and assist with all their queries no matter how big or small! I’ve been with the company for just over a year now and absolutely love it.

My enthusiasm for cars and all things automotive came from watching Formula 1 and going to the Superbike Championship at Brands Hatch.

When l’m not in the office you will most likely find me at the gym, playing with my cat Buzz or having a glass of red wine!

Dream Car

Audi R8

Years in the Automotive Industry

Karan Sehgal, Service Advisor​ 🖥️

I help with product advisory at JF Automotive! Ever since I was a kid, I’ve been obsessed with cars, thanks to games like, Eraser from Electronic Arts and the Need for Speed series.

I’m constantly chatting with customers, listening to their requests, and advising them on what parts I recommend for their cars. I trained and completed my Masters in Business Analytics, so I guess you could say I’m very experienced with numbers!

When I’m not crunching numbers, you’ll probably find me buried in a good book, soaking up knowledge faster than a turbocharger on race day!

Dream Car

Koenigsegg Jesko


Years in the Automotive Industry

Eoghan May​, Tuning Manager​ 🚗

I’m in charge of tuning here, ever since I was young I’ve been into modifying cars! Countless hours were spent playing Need For Speed Underground, sticking Neons, Lambo Doors & Massive Wheels on cars. Even though times have changed, my passion for cars has continued to grow.

I’ve been here since 2017, I started off as a Saturday helper and 7 years on I have evolved into JF Automotive’s Tuning Manager! My roles consists of Dyno Runs, Tuning, Datalogging, Road Testing and Fitting Parts.

Outside of work to keep me busy I manage a local U15 Football team, I’m hoping our success lands me the Arsenal Job next!

Dream Car

Nissan Skyline R34 GT-R V-Spec (Midnight Purple)

Years in the Automotive Industry

Alex Branch​, Software Technician Manager​ 👨🏽‍💻

I’m one of the software developers here at JF Automotive. Like most people, I first got into cars through games, with some of my early favourites being Burnout Paradise and NFS: Hot Pursuit. 

I was first introduced to tuning through popular YouTube channel MCM, a channel I still watch regularly to this day. The cars and tuning seen on their show are very different to what we see on a daily basis. They work almost exclusively with aftermarket ECUs and old Japanese cars whilst we focus on re-flashing and European vehicles. 

Seeing the techs dialling in the tune on the dyno was exciting to me, so I wanted to learn how I could do that myself.

Dream Car

Lexus LFA

Workshop & Parts

Years in the Automotive Industry

Jay Bishenden​, Service & Parts Manager​ 🛠️

I started off as the spreadsheet pro here at JF Automotive, now I’m the one making sure everything goes smoothly in the workshop. Whether it’s sorting out client queries, helping to manage the team, getting quotes together or ordering parts, I’ve got it covered. 

When I’m not at work, you’ll catch me in the world of gaming, listening to music or hanging out with my family. 

With my blend of expertise and passion for gaming, I bring a new outlook and skill set into our team, ensuring every job gets done right!

Dream Car

Mustang GTD

Years in the Automotive Industry

Jack Easom​, Senior Technician​ 🛞

As a passionate automotive enthusiast at JF Automotive, my journey initially led me to pursue studies in electrical engineering after school. However, it wasn’t long before I realised that my true passion lies within the intricate world of automobiles.

As a proud member of this exceptional team, I bring technical expertise and a true love for automotive craftsmanship. 

In my free time, you’ll find me in the world of PlayStation gaming, cruising the roads, or spending quality time socialising. At home, it’s me, my girlfriend, and our two cats, balancing work and personal passions.

Dream Car

Nissan GTR / Porsche GT3 RS

Years in the Automotive Industry

Max Hector, Technician ​🔧

I’m an enthusiast of anything with an engine and 4 or 2 wheels! I have been working on cars and bikes since I could hold a spanner. 

Spending time in the electric vehicle sector I have a wide range of knowledge for ICE and electric vehicles. Bringing a bucket load of EV knowledge to JFA!

In my free time I mechanic for a British super bike support team and you’ll find me most weekends at a race track or spending quality time at home.

Dream Car

Porsche 991 GT3 RS


Years in the Automotive Industry

Terry Westguard, Accounts Manager​ 🧾

I go by the title of “John’s Mum” around here. My role primarily revolves around the world of accounts, which keeps me quite occupied behind the scenes. 

I have been here since the beginning of JF Automotive in 2011, thoroughly enjoying witnessing John’s remarkable journey in expanding the business. While I may not always be seen face to face, you might catch a glimpse of me driving around in the JFA Abarth with its distinctive livery. 

I love spending time in the sun, so if JF Automotive ever decides to establish a branch in Rhodes, count me in! I’d be more than happy to embrace the sunshine lifestyle.

Dream Car

Ford Mustang

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