Stelvio N-Ring Stelvio N-Ring

Alfa Romeo Stelvio N-Ring Edition

Now this is a special car indeed: 1 of 108 Produced. The Stelvio N-Ring Edition is a stunning upgrade to your average Stelvio which itself is already a great car. We were given the chance to uncage this beast on our dyno…

The Alfa Romeo Stelvio is both a great looking car, and a great performing one too. It’s 2.9L twin-turbo V6 engine pushes over 500bhp out of the factory with an unimaginable 600Nm torque. This Stelvio N-Ring edition has the same engine, same gearbox, same drivetrain, but the rest of the car does have some upgrades. The exterior is matte Circuito Gray making for a very striking aggressive look. Carbon fibre trim around the front grille and mirrors compliments this, as well as the de-chromed black badges on the rear. There’s more carbon fibre on the sills between the 20inch wheels which contain the crimson red callipers. There’s only 1o8 in the world, only 12 of which are in the UK. We were lucky to have this one on our dyno to make it even faster. Check out Alfa Romeo’s website for more details about this car.

Stelvio N-Ring Stock Figures

As previously mentioned, the car already runs 500 bhp and 600Nm torque which is already very impressive. To prove this, Alfa Romeo used the car to break 3 UK SUV lap records earlier this year; the Indy Circuit at Brands hatch in 55.9 seconds, Donington Park in 1m 21.1 seconds, and Silverstone’s Grand Prix circuit in 2 minutes 31.6 seconds. These records prove how well the Stelvio has been designed as a ‘sporty SUV’, beating out competitors such as the Jaguar F-Pace, Porsche Macan, Audi Q5 and many more.

That being said, why stop there? We knew that the engine inside this monstrous car is more than capable of coughing up more horsepower and plenty more torque.

Tuned Figures

So after a couple of hours of vigorous tweaking to write the very best map, we run the Stelvio N-Ring one final time. As expected, the car is now producing 560BHP and 700Nm Torque! That’s a very respectable +60BHP and +100Nm Torque, making the record breaking car capable of upsetting even more cars both around the track and in a straight line. We found that this car delivered the power better after out stage 1 tune, making for a less choppy ride, even when driving around town.

If you have a Stelvio that you feel needs that extra punch of power when you need it most, call us now to find out what we can do for you!

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