Not All Tuning Is Equal

Why Are Some Tuners So Cheap?

We often get compared on price without looking at quality, service and support. Here’s some comparisons to help you compare and ensure you make choose the right tuner for you.

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<£300 Engine Tuning

Most tuners have strict terms and conditions around this. They often charge an admin or labour fee to return the vehicle back to standard before processing your refund…be careful!

Also check how days you’ve got!

Most tuners don’t provide updates when they are released and will charge you again if your tune is lost due to a dealer update.

Most tuners don’t provide updates to their tuning…best to ask them!

Always check who develops and writes their tunes. We see a lot of generic tunes bought in bundles off the internet without knowing who made them and how they will work. If in doubt ask to watch the tuner calibrate your file.

Different dyno manufactures will show different power figures; some lower, some higher.

Tuners can hide the percentage losses they have applied behind flywheel/engine numbers leaving you in the dark!

Some good questions to ask!

  • Which engine parameters are logged?
  • Health Checked? If yes, how?

If in any doubt ask your tuner if they are insured, who by and what they are covered for.

We hear of a lot of horror stories in the industry with many tuners either;

  • Not insured at all
  • Under-insured
  • Not insured to drive your vehicle.
  • Not insured for tuning

All tuners have to start somewhere, if they are fairly new to the industry then check who develops their tuning.

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>£350 Engine Tuning

No quibble 30 days! Not happy for any reason, we will simply return the vehicle back standard and offer you a refund on the tune.

If a dealer overwrites the tune you’ve paid for, we will upload it again for free!

This is supported the whole time you own the vehicle.

If we update the tune for you car we can get you back in for a free update….we can even combine this when it’s in for a service with us.

We do! We have been in the automotive industry for over 20 years with 12 years of that tuning!

We are happy to show you your tune open and being calibrated by our team when you are with us.

We didn’t invest £100K into a dyno cell for nothing!

Our Mustang mechanically linked 4WD system can withstand 2000BHP at the wheels!

It’s know as the “heartbreaker” dyno in the industry because of the repeatable accurate but lower numbers than other dynos.

We will always give your dyno results with the raw wheel data and a transparent conversion to the engine leaving nothing to hide!

We data-log as many engine parameters as we can that we require. We will happily show you our this once we are plugged into your car and logging.

We perform a full diagnostics scan to inspect historical or current faults. We save these faults and clear them from your ECU’s memory before any tuning takes place. That way we know anything fresh that comes back needs attention.

We have been around for over 12 years and insured by Aviva. We are insured for tuning, ecu remapping, chip tuning, dyno tuning, servicing, modification, poor workmanship, accidental damage and driving to list a few.

Our whole team is insured to drive your vehicle on the road in a safe manner.

If you’d like to see our insurance just ask!

We are trusted by some big names in the motorsport and automotive industry:

We are trusted by over 300 tuners worldwide who use our online dealer tuning file service.

We help support these tuners with custom tuning files, support and business development.

John Ford the founder of JFA has been in the automotive industry since he left School over 22 years ago.

12 of those years have been solely in the tuning sector.

We want to reward our loyal customers for referring a friend in with £50 off their next visit or a £30 Amazon gift card. 

Your friend will also receive a free gift on completion of a remap.

You don’t have to listen to us waffle on about how good we are. Check out 1100+ reviews online from our customers.

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