BMW running on the dyno - what is a dyno? BMW running on the dyno - what is a dyno?

What Is A Dyno And How Do We Use It For Tuning?

“Dyno Tuning” and “Rolling Road Mapping” are terms that you may have heard of before, but what is a Dyno and how can you benefit from a dyno session?

What is a Dyno? Short for dynamometer, this is a large device we use to measure an engine’s torque and RPM. Using these results, the instantaneous power of the engine is calculated as horsepower. Some dynamometers, known as ‘Engine Dynos’,  allow an engine to couple directly to the device. Whilst these certainly have their uses, a more practical dyno known as a ‘Rolling Road’ is more common. This type measures the torque and power of a vehicle delivered by the drivetrain to the wheels. This is how we are able to tell your vehicle’s power and torque across the rev range here!

Below is an example graph of what we see when tuning our Yaris GR on our Mustang 2000HP Dyno. In this example, the red graph lines represent power and the blue graph lines represent torque of the vehicle. Solid graph lines show the car’s stock values, with dotted lines showing the power and torque after our remap. Along the bottom of the graph you can see engine speed (or RPM) of the vehicle also.

ResHow We Use The Dyno?

When tuning, a good dynamometer can be a very useful tool. They are most effective as a comparison tool, showing the difference before and after a remap. This is because many factors can effect the final power figure such as air temperature, type/brand of dyno, tyre condition and many more. When comparing graphs from different dynos created at different times in the year you will usually see a big difference!

For brand new cars or previously un-seen software, we use a dyno to learn a lot about the different maps in the ECU and how they are effecting the power the vehicle is producing. Our file writers can then quickly and efficiently determine which tweaks they need to make to ensure safety and strong performance. For high performance vehicles producing big power figures, a graph can be used to identify gaps where a significant power improvement could be made.

For the majority of vehicle’s, the dyno is not strictly necessary when tuning the car, as the software will be almost identical for all matching makes and models. We have seen and worked on the vast majority of the UK’s most popular tunable cars; We likely have everything we need to tune your car right now!

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