Their knowledge and professionalism, is truly outstanding.

ASTONISHING! Having considered the possibility of giving my previous car a performance re-map, but never getting -round to it, I’m so pleased that I decided to do so on my Porsche Cayenne 3.0 TDI and even more pleased that I selected John and his team at J.F Automotive to do the work. Their knowledge and professionalism, is truly outstanding. I discussed the Performance improvements available with John, the MD at J F Automotive at some length and finally opted for a STAGE 1 PERFORMANCE REMAP – (up from 245BHP to 295BHP), Plus a GEARBOX TUNE to better handle the increased torque up from 550Nm to 636 Nm, give me increased shift response and increased red line performance. What a difference. Already a superb SUV with a great blend of sports car agility and pace, the PERFORMANCE REMAPPING and GEARBOX TUNING have completely transformed the driving experience. The torque spread is truly amazing, and the acceleration in sport mode - WOW! Just a tweak from my right foot smacks my back into the seat and brings a big smile to my face. You exceeded my best expectations Thank you Steve Sussex

Stephen Dillamore - View Case Study

Top class service from true experts in their field who actually care

Contacted these guys to Re-Map my gear box and engine on a new Mercedes E63s 4Matic AMG. What can I say…..Great service from day one and what a difference. I'm almost at 700bhp and 960nm of Torque!!!! The car is still very much drive-able and you can pootle along at 30 or rip your face off! I whole heartedly recommend these guys and they will even pick up and drop off your car if you are too busy.

Top class service from true experts in their field who actually care.

John Melrose - View Case Study
Mercedes E63S 4.0T

The torque that really grabs

Just a quick thanks to all the guys at JFA. Had my brand new F-Type remapped having seen Jag bring out a '400' version of the same engine (and add a few thousand £'s to the price tag). The power increase is impressive with 415bhp (from 375), but it's the torque that really grabs you as soon as you get back in the car. The power is so much more usable and instant!! Thanks guys.

Matthew Allen - View Case Study
Jaguar F-Type 3.0S

Great customer service

I went into JF Automotive just to have a chat about a remap and DSG remap on my golf R after talking to Lewis and him explaining everything in great detail about how they work and whats involved in the remap I had my car booked in for the following morning, Mike worked on my car on the rolling road along with John, I can't recommend JF Automotive enough great customer service and they really talk you through how it all works and keep you updated why they are working on the car with the power upgrades etc. My golf is up 65bhp and 132Nm tourque also im running a non-res milltek and the extra noises this produces now since the map is unreal, if you have a DSG box I would say get it remapped it improves it so much when you think it could never get better. Prices are very resonable for the results you get, If you are looking for a remap on your car head down to JF you will not be dissapointed. Thanks again guys.

Sam Eaton - View Case Study
VW Golf MK7 R 2.0 TSI 300PS

Wouldn't go anywhere else

There are a number of tuners who offer similar products however it's the customer service and personal service that sets JF apart from the rest (as well as an amazing product of course) It's the 2nd car I've had tuned and wouldn't go anywhere else, I will always recommend them to friends and forum users. Thanks again John!!!

Russell - View Case Study
BMW M3 F30 3.0T

The torque spread is perfect

John and his team were very professional and extremely knowledgeable, and even came in early to accommodate my busy schedule. Needless to say the results are excellent and have transformed my car. The torque spread is perfect and the acceleration has changed from very impressive to manic!

Mr C. Brewerton - View Case Study
Audi RS3 2.5TFSI 360PS

Always pleased to answer any questions.

Great professional service from John and Owen, always pleased to answer any questions.

Andrew Hopkins - View Case Study
Fiat 500 Abarth 1.4 T-Jet

Very surprised at the figures achieved

What can I say ……very surprised at the figures achieved by Mike, way over what I had optimistically hoped for. My 340i now has over 100hp more than stock and is now the truly heart stopping car that I hoped it would be from the start. Nice comfortable waiting area with coffee, biscuits and a viewing window so you can see what the noise is all about ! Would not hesitate to recommend JF Automotive to anyone looking to make their car more "interesting".

Jeremy Temple - View Case Study
BMW 340i 3.0 Turbo

It pulls earlier and harder in higher gears

Many thanks guys for sorting my Golf GTI
The results are very impressive. Acceleration is now very strong and the car is much quicker. It pulls earlier and harder in higher gears making gear changes less frequent. I am very pleased with the results. As far as mpg is concerned I have yet to do a long trip to compare but initially it's very similar to how it was before. I'm expecting better mpg on long cruises. On a recent gentle run 55mpg was indicated. Very impressed. Thanks again.

D Howell - View Case Study
VW Golf MK7 GTI 2.0TSI

Brilliant smooth power delivery and powerful

Just like to say thank you very much you guys have done a great job on the remapping. The car has a brilliant smooth power delivery and powerful. Driveability is great.

Rob Morris - View Case Study
Mercedes A45 AMG 2.0T 360BHP

What a difference it made!

After some research I wanted to find someone local for a remap and came across JF Automotive. Had many emails with JFA who are the Abarth specialist and he gave me the confidence to book the car in for a stage 1 remap and new Forge induction kit. What a difference it made! Lots more torque and approx 20bhp extra. Doesn't sound much but the car has been transformed! If you want peace of mind from a professional set-up then look no further. Good guys.

Sam Hawkes - View Case Study

Car is now quicker, smoother and even more economical

Had my Audi A3 2.0T remapped at the open day in March with impressive results unfortunately on the way home the car developed a misfire and rough running, I phoned up John and was invited back for a check, it turned out to be an unrelated problem with a loose vacuum pipe, this was spotted by John after a diagnostic check and repaired, all without cost even though it wasn't related to the remap!
Car is now quicker, smoother and even more economical. Brilliant service, good value thoroughly recommended.

D J Gerrie - View Case Study
Bugatti Veyron Dyno

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