Many thanks guys for sorting my petrol Octavia 230 vrs.
The results are very impressive. Acceleration is now very strong and the car is much quicker. It pulls earlier and harder in higher gears making gear changes less frequent.
I am very pleased with the results.
As far as mpg is concerned I have yet to do a long trip to compare but initially it's very similar to how it was before. I'm expecting better mpg on long cruises. On a recent gentle run 55mpg was indicated.
Very impressed.
Thanks again.

D. Howell - View Case Study

These are the boys to talk to!

I had my VW T5 mapped by the chaps and what a difference in performance now. It's a different vehicle. The lads at JFAutomotive really know their stuff and very professional and look after me, they kept me informed with all that they were doing. If your looking for a remap on your vehicle then these are the boys to talk to. I highly recommend them..
Thanks Mike great job.

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