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Our dealers start by identifying a hole in the market for a remapping business. Many dealers are garages, or diagnostic specialists who feel that remapping is another service their customers would enjoy. Some dealers rarely deal with a performance tune, however there’s a huge market for DPF deletes, speed limiter removals, EGR deletes etc. The issue is knowing who to choose, and most of our dealers choose JFA due to the excellent dealer support, training and fast turnaround on tuning files.

The Guide

Firstly, the dealer decides what tooling they require – most start on an Alientech KESS unit as this will allow remapping of most vehicles by the OBD port. They then later upgrade to the Alientech KTAG unit, as this allows them to bench tune the ECU’s as well – opening up an even wider range of vehicles they can tune!

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With their tools ordered, we invite them down for a training day at our dyno centre in Kent. Usually we use their own vehicle to demonstrate process & get them set up and running.

With tooling sorted, and training done we usually encourage dealers to market the services & help get them started by sharing their posts to our pages to really promote them in their area. Any enquiries we get for that area we’d then pass on to our nearest dealer. Again this is to assist with getting them familiar with the tuning aspect of the business. We’re more than happy to promote, or keep totally silent depending on the dealers wishes.

When the dealer sells a tune, they read the original file from the car with their tuning equipment. They can then submit this to our dealer portal & specify exactly what they need for their customer, Stage 1, 2 or 3 & various other options such as DPF delete, EGR delete, Speed limiter removal, Pops & Bangs etc.

We then recieve the file, modify it as requested and then re-send back to the dealer portal . If our file writing team require any data logs, or further information they’ll post onto the portal. This dealer portal setup really does make things very fast and easy!

Should dealers need a dyno graph for a customer, we have a huge databank of cars we’ve tuned. This means we can provide an accurate graph of what the car’s going to be doing. We also offer a discounted rate should dealers want to bring a car to us for dyno testing.

We also offer a trade file service through our dealer portal, whereby anyone can register & request a modified file – and we’re currently in the process of launching a WinOLS reseller database should you be an already established tuner looking for a specific file, for a specific car.

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