JFA Performance & Sound Kit – 440i, 340i, 140i

Thinking about buying the BMW MPPSK kit? Here’s a better option with some real gains.

At JF Automotive we felt M-Power’s tuning effort was a bit weak for the costs involved. The MPPSK kit is a great idea, but 360BHP & 500Nm just isn’t enough for a performance enthusiast…and while they’re limited by marketing tactics, we’re not. This means we offer a JFA Performance & Sound Kit with a better sound, and M4 performance for the same costings. Better than that, it’s available as a mail order kit that any local garage should be able to install in around 2-3hrs.

The kit is made up of two parts;


We’ve tried a number of exhausts, and the Remus is simply the best fitting, best quality system we’ve come across. There’s various options on the exhaust tips too, pictured at the bottom of the page. It’s a proven system that fits, flows well and sounds great. This makes it the ideal choice when building a tuning package for the car. Here’s a video;

Engine management

We’ve got one of our famous adaptive tuning modules out, and created a loom & map for it to work correctly with the BMW engine. The adaptive tuning module isn’t your usual ‘dumb’ resistor in a box – it’s a fully equipped custom mappable, multi channel piggyback ECU and this allows us to accurately tune the car. All of this is a bit of a mouthful, so we tend to stick to ‘Tuning module’.

We develop the maps to run on premium unleaded, and we recommend Shell V-Power or Tesco Momentum 99 for best power figures. The car will still run on 95 octane fuel, but poor quality fuel will result in reduced performance. If the car contains 95 octane fuel at time of purchasing the kit, please advise us and we’ll add an octane boosting additive to the fuel.

Should you have to take the car in for any warranty work the kit is very easily removable making it much harder for anyone to detect it was ever there. No permanent modifications are necessary under the bonnet, it’s a very simple plug and play affair. Pictures of the module are at the bottom of the page, and also an engine bay shot with the module installed – Maintains the OE factory appearance even when installed should anyone open the bonnet.


The results? 429BHP & 579NM. For perspective, the stock car makes 325BHP and 450Nm….the M-Performance kit makes 360BHP & 500Nm. A BMW M4 makes 425BHP & 550Nm.

This is around a 30% improvement in both power, and torque.

JFA Performance & Sound Kit Cost

Pricing varies depending on exhaust tip options (pictured at bottom of page)

Option 1 – JFA Install at our dyno centre in Maidstone, Kent.

We dyno test the car, fit the parts, then re-dyno and fine tune the module as required. Price includes labour, dyno time & VAT.

From £2245

Option 2 – JFA Post out the kit for you to install.

Kit includes exhaust, pre-calibrated module & all fitting instructions for a DIY fit or a local garage to fit. Estimated 2.5-3hrs to install. Price includes UK Mainland shipping & VAT.

From £2065

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