Audi RS3 2.5 TFSI ECU Remap

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Audi RS3 2.5 TFSI ECU Remap

Audi RS3 ECU Remapping truly turns this car into a beast! The 2nd generation Audi RS3 is a car loved by any petrolhead with its unique 5 cylinder engine reminding us of the legendary Audi 5 cylinder rally car days.

After running an initial our first set of dyno runs and data logging the engine had an output of 370BHP at the flywheel with 490Nm of torque, up 25Nm over manufacturer figures and we could see that the torque output had been limited to 490Nm.

The intake temperatures were reading a rather steamy 60°C. This high intake air temperature can cause power to drop off, ignition timing issues and general heat issues throughout. Knowing the intake temperatures will only get hotter with the extra turbo pressure the ECU would run after our map was applied, we decided the best & safest way to tune the engine was to install and upgraded intercooler.

We contacted Forge Motorsport who were looking for a MK2 Audi RS3 to develop a new intercooler. They collected the car from us and just over a week later delivered it back with a new intercooler kit installed and ready to test. The new Forge motorsport intercooler is larger in every way with a re-designed genuine Audi crash bar to fit snugly around it.

We analysed the stock file read from the ECU and made fine adjustments, testing each change to ensure the tune was perfect, powerful, but most importantly safe.

From the addition of the Forge Intercooler,  the intake temperatures had dropped by an impressive 30°C, even while running our JFA Stage 1 tuning software with the higher than stock boost pressure.

The result was an increase of 60BHP and 133Nm over stock figures, with the added bonus of much safer, cooler intake temperatures.

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