BMW 340i ECU Remapping

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by John Ford on

BMW 140i, 340i, 440i Engine Tuning

BMW 340 ECU Remapping gives staggering results, even we are impressed. We have developed our plug & play tuning module system to work with the BMW 340i engine, which means we no longer need to remove and disassemble the ECU.

Our tuning modules are a great way to tune your engine, which is non-intrusive and should you wish to,  is able to be returned back to stock within a matter of minutes.

Our module system uses multi channel technology to plug into multiple engine sensors allowing it to control turbo boost levels, fuelling and throttle valve control.

After some stock dyno runs we found the 340i engine produced 346BHP & 475Nm from factory, 24BHP & 25Nm over BMW’s quoted figures.

The JFA Tuning Module kit took power output to an impressive 425BHP and 560Nm Torque!

We data logged boost pressure, ignition timing and fuelling to be sure the engine was running 100% safe.

BMW 340 ECU Remapping is only a snippet doe the services we have to offer here at JF Automotive. We also have a range of other services for BWM and all makes and models.

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