Tuning File Service – Terms & Conditions

  • Section 1 – The Company
  • Section 2 – Company Details
  • Section 3 – Applicability
  • Section 4 – The offer
  • Section 5 – The Agreement
  • Section 6 – Refunds
  • Section 7 – Costs in the event of withdrawal
  • Section 8 – Exclusions Right of Withdrawal
  • Section 9 – The price
  • Section 10 – Conformity and warranty
  • Section 11 – Security
  • Section 12 – The Tuning Tools
  • Section 13 – Payment
  • Section 14 – Tuning Credits
  • Section 15 – Complaints
  • Section 16 – General
  • Section 17 – Disclaimers
  • Section 18 – Supercar Tuning Files


Section 1. The Company 
In these conditions “the Company” means JF Automotive Ltd “the Customer” or “Bill To:” means the person, firm or company placing an order with the Company. DPF means Diesel Particulate Filter in the terms and conditions. “the Vehicle” means a vehicle for which an order was placed by the Customer.

All orders are accepted and goods supplied subject to the following express terms and conditions. No addition there to or variation there from shall be binding to the Company unless it is in writing and signed by a duly authorised representative of the Company.

Section 2 – Company Details

JF Automotive Ltd, registered office: Unit 31 Integra, Bircholt Road, Parkwood Ind Est, Maidstone, Kent, ME15 9GQ, UK.
Phone Number: + 44 (0) 1622 321500
Email Address: info@jfautomotive.co.uk
Company Registration Number: 07651325
VAT Number: GB159062893

Section 3 – Applicability

These general terms and conditions are applicable to every offer done by the Company and to every distance agreement and orders between the Company and the Client.
Before conclusion of the distance agreement,the Client will be provided with a copy of these general terms and conditions. If this is physically not possible, these general terms and conditions can be sent to the Client at the Client’s request and without costs.
If the distance agreement is concluded by electronic means, the Company will notify the Client that these general terms and conditions are available on the Company’s website. At the Client’s request, the Company will forward these general terms and conditions by electronic means and without costs.
In the event of additional product or service specific conditions, the second and third paragraph are applicable and the Client has the right to apply the most favorable term or condition if the specific conditions are contradictory to the general terms and conditions.
Should of one or more terms or conditions in these general terms and conditions become wholly or partially null and void at any moment, the agreement and these general terms and conditions remain applicable and the relevant term or condition will be replaced by a new term or condition, that will follow the previous one as closely as possible, without delay and with mutual consent.
Situations that are not regulated by these general terms and conditions will be judged in spirit of these general terms and conditions.
Ambiguities about the explanation or content of one or more terms or conditions will be explained in spirit of these general terms and conditions.

Section 4 – The offer

If an offer has a limited period of validity or has been made on specific conditions, then this will be explicitly mentioned in the offer.
The offer is non-binding. The Company remains the right to change and adapt the offer.
The offer contains a complete and accurate description of the offered products and/or services. The description is sufficiently detailed to obtain a sound assessment of the offer by the Client. When the Company uses pictures, then these are a true projection of the offered products and/or services. Obvious errors or obvious mistakes in the offer are non-binding for the Company.
All pictures and specifications and further data included in the offer are an indication and will not give cause to payment of damages or termination of the agreement.
Pictures of the products are a true projection of the offered products. The Company cannot guarantee that the colors as shown in the pictures are an exact match to the actual colors of the products.
Every offer contains such information that the Client is fully aware of this rights and obligations related to the acceptance of the offer. This applies in particular to:
the price, including taxes;
any shipment costs;
the manner in which the agreement will be concluded and the relevant actions necessary;
the right of withdrawal, when applicable;
the payment methods, delivery and execution of the agreement;
the period of acceptance of the offer, or the term within which the Company guarantees the offered price;
the rates for distant communication methods in the event of these rates being calculated on a different basis than the regular base rate for the used method of communication;
the Company will inform the Client if and how the agreement will be put on file after conclusion and how the Client is able to access this file;
the manner in which the Client is able to check and, when necessary, adjust the information provided by him in relation to the agreement, prior to the conclusion of the agreement;
any other languages in which the the agreement can be drawn up, in addition to the Dutch language;
the codes of conduct the Company adheres to and the electronic manner in which the Client can refer to these codes of conduct, and
the minimum duration of the distance agreement in the event of an extended agreement.

Section 5 – The agreement

Under the condition of paragraph 4, the agreement is concluded at the time of the Client’s acceptance of the offer and when the relevant terms and conditions have been met.
If the Client has accepted the offer in by electronic means, the Company will confirm receipt of the acceptance without delay by electronic means. As long as this acceptance of the offer has not been confirmed by the Company, the Client has the right to cancel or terminate the agreement.
In the event of conclusion of the agreement by electronic means, the Company will take appropriate technical and organizational measures to ensure the security of the electronic data transfers and ensure a secure web environment. If the Client has the means for the electronic payments, the Company will take appropriate security measures.
The Company remains the right – within legal boundaries – to check whether the Client is able to meet his financial obligations, as well as all those facts and factors that are essential to a responsible conclusion of the distance agreement. Should this investigation give cause to cancel the conclusion of the agreement, the Company remains the right to reject an order or request by stating reason, or to attach special conditions to the agreement.
The Company will include the following information on delivery of the product or service to the Client, either in writing or in such a way that the Client can easily access this information and store it on a durable data carrier:
the visiting address of the company to which the Client can refer in the event of defects or complaints;
the conditions applying to the Client’s right of withdrawal, and/or a clear description regarding the exclusions of the right of withdrawal;
the relevant information about warranties and services after the purchase;
the information stated in Article 4, paragraph 3 of these general terms and conditions, unless the Company has already provided the Client with this information prior to the conclusion of the agreement.
the requirements with regard to termination of the agreement when the duration of the agreement is more than one year or indefinite.
If the agreement involves an extended transaction, the condition in the previous paragraph is only applicable to the first delivery.
Each agreement is concluded subject to sufficient availability of the relevant products.

Section 6 – Refunds

The United Kingdom’s Distance Selling Regulations 2000 provide you with a right to cancel your order for products at any time up to the end of the seventh working day following the day after the day on which you received the products. You do not need to give us any reason for cancellation. We will open a cancellation claim within 48 hours of you contacting us. If you wish to cancel your order please either write to us at JF Automotive Ltd, Unit 31 Integra:me, Bircholt Road, Parkwood Industrial Estate, Maidstone, Kent, ME15 9GQ or email us with details of your cancellation. If you have already received the physical products you must carefully repackage and return them to us at the returns address shown below. Until you have returned the products to us, you must keep them in your possession and take reasonable care of them. We will credit the price of the cancelled products once we have received and checked that they are in a re-saleable condition. We will not refund any postage costs incurred.

If you have already received digital goods (e.g tuning file on the portal) then we do not offer any refunds.

We don’t offer refunds for pops & crackle maps, anti-lag or stage 3 request.

Section 7 – Costs in the event of withdrawal

Should the Client use his right of withdrawal, the costs incurred on the Client will not exceed the costs of the return shipment.
In the event of the Client having fulfilled any payment, the Company will refund the payment as soon as possible and no later than 14 days after the withdrawal. Refunds will take place under the condition that the product has been delivered at the address of  JF Automotive Ltd or on giving conclusive evidence that the product has been shipped back in its entirety.

Section 8 – Exclusions to the Right of Withdrawal

The Company remains the right to exclude the right of withdrawal for products as stated in paragraph 2 and 3. The exclusion of the right of withdrawal is only valid when the Company has stated this clearly in the offer, or at least in a timely period prior to the conclusion of the agreement.
With regard to products, exclusion of the right of withdrawal can only be made for:
products that have been manufactured by the Company according to specifications by the Client;
audio and video recordings and computer software of which the seal has been broken by the Client or to which changes have been made by the Client.
With regard to services, exclusion of the right of withdrawal can only be made for:
services that have started before the end of the reflection time with the explicit consent of the Client

Section 9 – The price

During the period of validity stated in the offer, the prices of products and/or services will not be raised, with the exemption of price changes resulting from:
changes in the VAT rates;
changes resulting from legislative requirements and regulations;
The prices for products and/or services as stated in the offer are inclusive of VAT. *
All prices are subject to printing and typographical errors. The Company does not accept liability for the consequences of printing and typographical errors. The Company is not obliged to deliver the product for the wrong price resulting from printing and typographical errors.

Section 10 – Conformity and Warranty

The Company will ensure that the products and/or services meet the requirements of the agreement, the specifications as stated in the offer, the reasonable requirements of reliability and/or suitability and the legislative requirements and regulations at the date of the conclusion of the agreement. If so agreed, the Company will also ensure that the product is suitable for other use than the one stated in the agreement.
Any warranty given by the Company, the manufacturer or importer does not detract from the legal rights and claims the Client may exercise against the Company based on the agreement.
The Client will notify the Company in writing about any defects or faulty deliveries within 2 weeks after delivery. Return shipment of the products will be done in the original packaging and in new condition.
The warranty period of the Company is the same as the warranty period of the manufacturer. The Company is, however, never responsible for the final suitability of the products with regard to each individual use by the Client, nor for any advice with regard to the use of the application of the products.
The warranty does not apply when:
Any repair work and/or any other work on the delivered products has been done by the Client or by third parties;
The delivered products have been exposed to abnormal circumstances or have been treated in any other irresponsible way or in any manner in breach with the directions of use provided by the Company and/or as stated on the packaging;
The defect is wholly or partially the result from (future) legislative regulations with regard to the nature or quality of the materials used.

Section 11 – Security

We want you to be able to purchase products from our website with complete confidence. This means that your personal details, including payment details, are encrypted when transmitted to us. When you ‘Proceed to Checkout’, secure pages are indicated by the address on the address/location bar changing from “http://” to “https://” with a padlock symbol in the bottom right-hand status bar of your web browser. We use WorldPay, Stripe & PayPal for all of our transactions. We do not store credit card details nor do we share customer details with any third parties.

Section 12 – The Tuning Tools

JF Automotive Ltd will not be held responsible for miss use of; tuning tools, failed ECU file writing checksum errors, failed ECU reads, damaged ECU’s or any other total loss of using a tuning tool. You will see that the tuning tool manufactures hold no responsibility for use of their tool.

Section 13 – Payment

We only accept payment up front and before supplying tuning files files online or products shipped. Please buy credits through the dealer portal or via other agreed in writing argument with JF Automotive Ltd.

Section 14 – Tuning Credits

JF Automotive Ltd uses a prepaid credit system, these credits are purchased in advance and are credited to the account. The credits remain valid as long as the account is online, so they do not expire after a certain period. When an account with JF Automotive Ltd is removed, the credits still remaining in the account will also be canceled and lost. Refunds are not possible on tuning credits in any circumstance.

Section 15 – Complaints

The Company has a sufficiently published complaints procedure and shall deal with any complaint in accordance with this procedure.
In the event of any complaints about the execution of the agreement, the Client will notify the Company of the complaint within 7 days after the complaint arises, clearly and fully detailed and in writing.
The Company will act on any complaint within 14 days from the date of receipt of the complaint. If it becomes clear that the handling of the complaint will take a longer time to solve, the Company will notify the Client of this within the 14 days period and provide the Client with an indication of when a more extensive answer can be expected.
If the complaint cannot be solved to mutual satisfaction, a dispute arises to which a dispute settlement may apply.

A complaint shall not suspend the obligations of the Company and/or the Client, unless the Company states otherwise in writing.
If the Company has found the complain well-founded, it will either exchange or repair the returned products without costs.

Section 16 – General

We reserve the right to change or withdraw any part of our website. If considered necessary, we reserve the right to refuse you access to the website. All rights in the designs and information on our website are owned by us. These are protected, as appropriate, by copyright, trademarks and other intellectual property rights. You may only view, reproduce or print the materials on this website for the purpose of ordering goods from us. You will be responsible if you breach these terms of use and will reimburse us for any loss caused to us as a result of your misuse. If any of these Terms and Conditions are unenforceable, it shall not affect the enforceability of the rest of these Terms and Conditions. Your statutory rights as a consumer remain unaffected. These terms are governed by the laws of England and Wales. Any disputes arising will be dealt with by the courts of England and Wales only.

Section 17 – Liability


JF Automotive ltd will not be held responsible for law’s in your country or state relating to vehicle modification, tuning or other use of our software and products.

The Company cannot be held responsible for any other faults with a vehicle after a DPF has been removed. In the case of a damaged turbo, catalytic converter, faulty EGR valve, coke deposits on the engine internals or any other fault relating to the blocked DPF the Company cannot offer any warranty or guarantee. Some vehicles may smoke and smell more after a DPF has been removed and in this case, the Vehicle may require further investigation at an extra cost. As of February 2014, a vehicle will automatically fail a Ministry of Transport (MOT) test if a DPF filter had been fitted as standard but is found to be no longer present. JF Automotive accepts no responsibility if your vehicle fails an MOT due to a missing DPF.

If UK Law and Legislation alter about the fitment of a DPF after the Company has removed the DPF they will not be held responsible for a failed M.O.T or any notice or legal fine given by the Vehicle and Operator Services Agency (VOSA).

M.O.T Regulations:
Section 8.2.2/8.2.1 – ANY emissions device missing, modified or defective is a failure (Includes EGR, DPF, GPF, everything)


M.O.T regulation state that an exhaust systems that is louder than a like for like vehicle is a failure. For this reason we can not guarantee any exhaust system we sell or sell and fit will be road legal and fit for M.O.T regulations.

M.O.T Regulations:
Section 8.1 Noise
Section 8.1.1 Noise suppression system
During the emissions test for the vehicle rev the engine to around 2,500rpm or half the maximum engine speed if this is lower on vehicles not subject to an emissions test.
Exhaust noise from the vehicle must not be unreasonably above the noise level you’d expect from a similar vehicle with a standard silencer in average condition.

Section 8.2.2/8.2.1

ANY emissions device missing, modified or defective is a failure (Includes EGR, DPF, GPF, everything)

Pop & Bangs/ Crackle Map
We do not offer any guarantee or insurance against damage to your engine or exhaust system including the catalytic converter when a Pop & Bang map is installed on your ECU. This software modification comes with direct consequences for your engine and catalytic converter. The most devastating side effects for your engine include damage to the valves, turbine and piston heads due to the explosions which happen at very high temperatures. These components outside the cylinders are not intended to ever get into touch with such high temperatures.

Stage 3

We offer no insurance of liability for stage 3 tuning files. We offer no refunds for stage 3 files.

We don’t offer any refunds on this product if its not to your liking, expectations or requirements.

Section 17 – Disclaimer

This website and its contents are provided to you on an “as is” and “as available” basis. We do not make and expressly disclaim to the fullest extent permitted by law any and all representations or warranties of any kind with respect to this website and its contents including without limitation its completeness, accuracy, fitness or suitability for any purpose or freedom from viruses. We, our directors, employees and other agents shall not be liable for damages of any kind including without limitation, direct, indirect, special or consequential damages, loss of income or profits, loss of or corruption of data, loss of or damage to property or claims of third parties, arising out of or in connection with your use of this website. We are not responsible for any losses resulting from your use or the inability to use our website or resulting from unauthorised access to, or alteration of your transmissions or data in circumstances which are beyond our control, nor that use of our website will be completely error-free or uninterrupted. We will not be responsible to you if we are unable to provide our Internet services for reasons beyond our control.

Links to other sites: We accept no responsibility for the contents of any other websites to which this website has links and shall not be held responsible or liable for any loss or damages caused or alleged to have been caused by use of, or reliance on, any content, goods or services available on such sites.

Vehicle Dyno Release of liability & Road Testing

As the customer with regards to JF Automotive Ltd and their staff. It is understood that: I/Customer grant permission for JF Automotive to operate my vehicle in any manner it deems appropriate, including operation on and off a Mustang chassis Dynamometer, and I/customer assumes full liability for loss or damage during said operation. I/Customer agrees that JF Automotive is not responsible for any loss or damage to my vehicle or person as a result of the operation. No warranties or guarantees have been made to the customer who expressly acknowledges and understands vehicles can suffer serious and catastrophic damage during or after operation on a Dynamometer. A Dynamometer pushes a vehicle and many of its mechanical components to critical levels which by its very nature may cause failure of those components. ECU removal and bench tuning can cause damage to the loom, the ECU electrical board components and casing, JF Automotive is not responsible for any loss or damage to the ECU or the vehicle because of this. The Bottom line: The customer is responsible for everything including any determination or road worthiness or safety of his vehicle and expressly acknowledges that JF Automotive Ltd and its staff is not responsible for any loss or damage to his vehicle or person as a result of the dyno / rolling road operation and herby releases, discharges and indemnified JF Automotive Ltd against any and all causes of action arising as a result of the operation of their vehicle on the dyno. If your vehicle has a current fault we reserve the right to charge a standard diagnostics check or dyno session. Ok, this might all sound a bit scary, but its just to protect ourself aginaist a faulty engine. Trust us when we say, we will look after your car like its our own. Relax, tick and sign below please. Before and after we tune a vehcile we may need to road test it to check for faults and/or driving characteristics. This may involve a long road test for our own data logging and internal tests. We will and cannot be held responsible for engine failure on road tests as we may need to test the vehicle hard heavy loaded conditions.

Section 18 – Supercar Tuning Files

We do offer some supercar tuning files through our dealers portal but please note these types of tuning files will be charged at more than the normal price structure. We have the right to refuse to tune a supercar file.

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