Elite Race Software

JF Automotive would like to introduce the Elite Race remap software designed specifically for someone who wants a more aggressive tune for their sports or super car for road or track. Designed specifically to be the most powerful software in the world while maintaining reliability and peace of mind.

Combine this with our gearbox tuning and you have something very special for road and track use.

What To Except From Our Elite Race Software:

  • In House 2000 AWD Mustang Dyno Tested Software
  • Comprehensive £2million Insurance Backed Work
  • 30 Day No Quibble Money Back Guarantee
  • Custom Written Software To Your Vehicle
  • Sharpest Throttle Response
  • Smooth Power & Torque Curve
  • Lifetime Tuning Software Support
  • Reliable & Safe

Elite Race Custom Written By JF Automotive

Motorsport and Elite Race files are available for a range of vehicles, just ask. We don’t’ chase numbers like some tuners but chase greater performance on the road where it matters. Some Elite Race files do not necessarily give that much more in terms of peak number on a static dyno run, but more torque and more power could be available for longer, for example, or come on boost even quicker, with altered load limiters being a speciality at JFA too. This means the car’s performance can be significantly quicker than a Performance level of tune. It’s why dyno numbers should always be taken with a pinch of salt. They are an indication of performance of the engine and nothing more. A dyno is a tuning tool and real performance is seen in acceleration tests and quarter mile runs.

One of our most popular vehicles of the moment is the VW Golf ‘GTI’ ‘R’ and Audi S3. The target gains are only a few more HP on each step up, but as ever, dyno figures can mean very little when taken on their own. The Elite RACE file has massively complex load limiter alterations and free included DSG-light-tune which ultimately means the extra 5-10hp you might see on a dyno, in 4th gear on the road doesn’t come close to explaining just how much faster on Elite Race software is than the Performance software. The feeling is as though it’s “been re-mapped twice” in the words of one of our customers.

Stage 1, 2 Or 3?

  • Stage 1 tune is a software re-calibration only.
  • Stage 2 tune is software re-calibrated to work with light engine modifications e.g Air Filter, exhaust, intercooler
  • Stage 3 tune is software re-calibrated on the dyno for heavy engine modifications e.g Cold air intake, exhaust, intercooler, turbo upgrade and more.

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