What Is Elite Flash?

The Elite Flash provides gearbox tuning to increase the performance and drivability of any automatic geared vehicle.

The device uploads the new settings within 30-90 seconds and will not add a count to the TCU flash counter, programming is started and completed with audible beep sounds and an LED.

  • Locks up torque converter at lower rpm
  • Upto 40% faster gearshifts
  • Smoother gear shifting
  • Faster reaction to paddle shift inputs.
  • Increased efficiency.
  • Invisible to dealer tools
  • Wont change flash counter

Can be used as many times as required on the first vehicle its connected to as it locks to the Vin (Chassis) Number. I your vehicle goes into the dealer for a software update, you can simply flash again.

Do not attempt to flash another vehicle after its flashed the first vehicle as this could cause an error on the vehicle due to being locked to the first vehicles Vin (Chassis) No.

This is an OBD flash tool that not only unlocks manufacturer’s transmission settings within the vehicles ECU to give smoother and quicker gear shifts, It also now provides an adaptation reset as standard which helps you get the most from your car. This is a great tool in releasing the most from you vehicle.

How It’s Made?

Elite Flash is manufacture by a UK automotive electronics company. With their knowledge of automotive electronics programming they have produced the TCU gearbox tuning tool. Each Elite Flash gearbox tuning tool is constructed and programmed before arriving to us.

Once each Elite Flash gearbox tuning tool has been manufactured they are programmed individually for each vehicle transmission type. Then tested to ensure the tool powers on and communicates correctly before being shipped to us at JF Automotive.

Elite Flash Tools being made on the production line

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