Some of the services and replacement parts we supply (Race Modifications) will result in your (Race Modified) vehicle being illegal to use on a public road. Race Modifications are only appropriate for vehicles that will be used solely on private land (e.g. track days and racing circuits). A full list of Race Modifications is set out in the table below. If we supply Race Modifications to your vehicle you acknowledge and agree (and it is a condition of our release of the vehicle to you) that:

  1. You must arrange suitable transportation for the vehicle when you collect it (e.g. car trailer).
  2. We are entitled to remove the vehicle licence plates from the vehicle before collection. You should complete a SORN declaration for the vehicle and submit it to DVLA.
  3. It will be a condition of your insurance that you are obliged to notify your insurers of all modifications to your vehicle. Failure to notify modifications to your insurers may result in your insurance being void.
  4. Race Modified vehicles are unlikely to pass the emissions test required as part of the vehicle’s MOT.
  5. It is a criminal offence to drive a vehicle that is either Race Modified or uninsured on a public road, and the commission of either offence could lead to a significant fine.
  6. You hereby indemnify (and, for six years from the date of the release of your Race Modified vehicle to you, will keep indemnified) JF Automotive Ltd and its directors, officers and employees, from and against all costs, claims, losses and liabilities that we may incur (including reasonable professional fees) as the result of your breach of any of the conditions in paragraphs 1 to 5 above).

Race Modifications

Installing sport catalytic converters

Installing de-cat exhaust pipes

Removing Gasoline/Onboard particulate filters (software and/or hardware)

Removing Diesel particulate filter (software and/or hardware)

Fitting Louder Exhaust Systems

Disable Adblue injection (software and/or hardware)

Fitting aftermarket parts that impact emissions control

Removing exhaust gas recirculation valve (software and/or hardware)

Remapping/retuning Engine Management System (incl. Pops & Bangs re-map)

Fit window tinting to front windows beyond the permitted amount

Please see our full Terms and Conditions.

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