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Audi RS3 Carbon Headlamp Race Ducts for Stage 3 intake So what’s so special about the Eventuri Intakes? There are three main elements in explaining the answer to what sets Eventuri apart from the rest: The Patented Eventuri filter housing design The Bespoke Filters Their emphasis on creating a “Complete Solution”

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Introducing another World first – a purpose designed carbon headlamp duct for the Audi RS3 8V.

With the RS3 gaining popularity as a serious track car, we have developed an additional part for our intake to give you that extra edge. This headlamp duct replaces the OEM headlamp and seals against our RS3 intake for a true RAM-AIR configuration with a direct cold air feed to the filter. The duct follows the same lines as the stock headlamp and features two carbon air guides to channel airflow to the filter. It also has vents on the surface which is perpendicular to the oncoming flow to prevent drag. Tested on track at speeds over 190mph we have ensured that the advantage of the air feed outweighs any additional drag for a net gain in track times. Since this duct replaces the main intake duct inside the engine bay against the slam panel – this area now remains open as a source of cooling for the engine itself. With the car in motion, external air flows into the grill and through the stock openings over the engine for an extra cooling effect. The headlamp duct allows for the most direct cold air feed possible and significantly helps to reduce heat soak keeping track times consistent.

The Eventuri RS3 Headlamp Duct system is manufactured from prepreg carbon fiber engineered to perform a specific purpose and fabricated to the highest of standards.

Here are the details for each component and the design ethos behind them:

Each headlamp duct system consists of:
Carbon Headlamp Duct
Carbon Connecting Duct
Laser Cut Stainless Steel Brackets

The headlamp duct channels air directly into the filter. By incorporating 2 guiding vanes, incoming air is smoothly directed into the secondary connecting duct. The prepreg carbon construction provides rigidity and the stainless steel bracket work ensures it is locked into position even at speeds over 190mph. To minimise drag we have added reliefs on the face which is perpendicular to the airflow as the car moves forward. By sealing the connecting duct to the intake – this system provides a RAM-AIR effect and acts to de-restrict the intake path while ensuring intake air temperatures are the lowest they possibly could be for the RS3 using a totally sealed design. An added benefit is the additional cooling for the engine bay – since this headlamp duct replaces the duct inside the engine bay, the stock intake area behind the grill is now left open. So when the car is in motion, cold air enters the engine bay and acts to cool the inlet manifold. This combination of low intake temperatures and engine cooling ensures consistent track times as heat soak is minimised.

The connecting duct seals the headlamp duct to the face of the intake itself. The rubber seal around the connecting duct allows the intake to move with the engine while keeping the seal intact. This prevents hot air from the engine bay to be sucked in by the intake. Again, made with prepreg carbon, the connecting duct is both functional and adds a great aesthetic to the engine bay. Coupled with our intake system, this headlamp duct provides the ultimate setup for track use.

Whats so special about Eventuri intakes? Find out here.

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