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Cobra Sport Cat-Back Exhaust Systems are a replacement for your stock exhaust system running from the catalytic converter back. By partially replacing your OE exhaust system you will enjoy noticeable power gains. Cobra Sport exhausts offer precision power, matched with sensational looks and an inspirational sound that you will love.

  • Improved sound with a sporty tone
  • Enhanced performance with noticeable power gains
  • Sportier looks to match performance

A Cat-Back exhaust system replaces most of your car’s exhaust to improve sound and performance, but retains the original catalytic converter. This means the car will pass any emissions tests it did before the new system was installed, providing a worry-free upgrade.

Replacing stock pipework with wider, especially designed Cobra Sport pipework allows better performance from your car’s engine. This is achieved by allowing a faster flow of exhaust gasses, reducing the limit of how quickly the engine can take air in.

Some exhaust systems will be listed with a choice of either ‘resonated’ or ‘non-resonated’. Resonated systems contain silencers to remove certain sound frequencies and will be quieter than non-resonated systems.

All stainless steel Cobra Sport Cat-Back & GPF/PPF-Back exhausts and solid pipe sections are supplied with a lifetime anti-corrosion warranty*. All relevant fittings and gaskets are supplied with each exhaust.

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    Cobra Sports

    Cobra Sport Exhausts are a family run business specializing in the manufacture of stainless steel exhausts and performance exhausts, which are sold worldwide for many applications.
    The heritage in the UK’s performance exhaust market spans over five decades, with a proven track record of a commitment to continuous improvement and investment in new exhaust technology.

    Cobra Sport’s range of performance exhausts demonstrate the highest quality of manufacturing, each system is hand-made in Sheffield and in-house expertise ensures that all Cobra Sport Exhausts are engineered to the highest tolerances ensuring a perfect first-time fit, great performance and a true pitch perfect exhaust sound.

    Precision power, matched by sensational looks and an inspirational sound, is the Cobra Sport promise.

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