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Yaris GR Tuning Package

Yaris GR Engine Tuning

First off with our adaptive tuning module that uses multi-channels to take the mighty Yaris GR to 301BHP and 417Nm; that’s an increase of 44bhp and 58Nm over factory quoted figures. This is a great starting block to tune your Yaris GR. It’s ‘plug and play’ and can be fitted and removed in a matter of minutes. This can be purchased through our tuning shop here.

Next we will be offering the JFA direct ECU map. Once we have access to read and write the ECU, we will begin our development program on Tuning the Yaris GR. We will carry out initial data logs to ensure we fully understand every aspect of this engine and how it responds to fine adjustments like boost pressure, ignition timing, fueling and so on. We do this all in-house on our Mustang AWD linked dyno.

Yaris GR Exhaust

We are a dealer for all the big brand name exhaust companies including Remus, Milltek, Quicksilver, Scorpion and many more. We will be testing a few of the systems to find the best fit for our Yaris GR. We can hopefully offer a range of tip options from chrome, satin and carbon fibre. Exhaust systems are not a one suits all, they are a personal preference from the sound to the style of tips poking out the bumper.

Fitting a Yaris GR decat downpipe exhaust will also be in development for those that want to hear the raw 3 cylinder sound while gaining the most power safely. We might even make it pop a bit more!

Yaris GR Intake

With Pipercross and Eventuri offering some great Yaris GR intake kits we are sure there will be plenty more in the market. We will test these kits for power, sound, heat soak and include the most efficient intake setup in our package. There is of course different price points to these kits so as always we will offering a range of kits to suit your taste and budget.

Yaris GR Intercooler

We are in talks with one of the UK’s largest intercooler manufactures who are developing a kit for the Yaris GR. These types of modifications can’t be rushed to market. They have to 3D scan the fitment area to fit the best size core intercooler, making sure to not disturb airflow to the radiators and other parts of the engine bay. This will be a great modification to keep intake temperatures low in those warming months!

Yaris GR Springs

At JFA, we’ll be offering Yaris GR H&R lowering springs for use on the road and track. These make for an effective mod to change the look and feel of your Yaris GR. We can then check and set up the suspension geometry to make sure it’s tracking perfect for road use. In the near future, we will be releasing Yaris GR track setups for the more enthusiastic driver!

Yaris GR Seat Height

The only real complaint we have is the seat height! We are looking at modified Yaris GR seat runners with the addition of a new sports seat for road use. This should lower the Yaris GR seat by 10-40mm

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If you would like a quote for any of the above Yaris GR parts or the package that will be released soon then please contact us here.

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