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Tuning The GR Yaris – What we have in store

Tuning the most anticipated car in the automotive industry.

The GR Yaris is currently one of the most talked about cars in the industry. Taking a Yaris and then handing it over to the fantastic team at Toyota Gazoo Racing, it was always going to be a recipe for success. This machine has highly advanced technology that was born from WRC; combining the lightweight and responsive feel of the new GR-FOUR sports AWD system with the 1.6 litre, 3 cylinder turbo engine producing 257bhp. Being at the forefront of development in the tuning industry here at JFA. We had to get our hands on one!

So if we compare the GR Yaris to other hot hatches what makes it so special? Well to be honest there is nothing else quite like it. The small stature does not match its aggressive performance abilities. Honestly cars like the GR Yaris simply do not get built anymore. Its a thoroughbred rally car for the road that has been created purely to mount a top-flight motorsport campaign.

Like the majority of our vehicles, the GR Yaris will receive the JFA touch. Increased styling and handling presence is always in mind. Next comes the power output, using our tuning box we expect to hit the 300 BHP figure with all hardware remaining stock!

Yaris GR Tuning Box

After development from our tuning box manufacture and some custom tweaks from data logs we have been able to achieve a healthy 301bhp and 417Nm from the Yaris GR! This is a great achievemnt from the 3 cylinder engine. The engine is a lot more responsive throughout the whole rev range with mid range torque delivered smoothly but strong. Throttle response is left stock as we feel the pedal already has a great level of detail and sharpness to it, there’s no point changing something that we feel is already perfect.

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Yaris GR ECU Remap Engine Tune

We will release more news in the coming weeks and months about a direct ECU tune for the Yaris GR. We are working with our tool manufactures to develop a protocol to be able to communicate safely to the ECU.

Yaris GR Exhaust, Air Filters and more!

We will be looking to work with a host of companies to improve the exhaust, intake, body styling and finally the suspension. Once development is complete we will be offering these services and products to our customers. To stay up to date with our GR Yaris developemts make sure you follow our social media channels.

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