Touch Tune – Multiple Maps & Remote Home Tuning

What is it, why do you need it, and what can it do for your car?

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The JFA Touch Tune is a brilliant piece of equipment – and something we’ve worked to get right for our customers. This handheld unit has the potential to change the way you tune your car, and how you use it. Multiple maps, the ability to tune and detune from home.

Who would use this?

The Touch tune has several different applications,

Firstly, the Stage 1 customer. They want a quality tune on their vehicle, but live too far away from the nearest JFA dealer. We supply the touch tune unit, which allows them to send us the original file from their car. We can then tune this file, and send them back a modified file to upload to the car. Sure, this won’t offer as good a tune as a six hour session on the dyno, but it allows us full access to properly tune the ECU – thus offering more power than an off the shelf module, and better drivability. It’s a great mid-point, and they can also then remove the tune themselves at home if the car needs to go back in for any warranty work.

The second, is the customer with a highly modified Stage 2/3 car. They want a nice safe reliable low power map for daily driving, but want the absolute maximum at the track. We get the car in, create the various maps and upload them to the Touch Tune. Customer can then drive to the track on 95 octane pump fuel with no risk of engine damage, then brim the car with 101 octane race fuel and wind the boost & timing up to make the best of it before going out on track. This sort of usage is also great for the guys running water methanol injection – we can develop a super hot methanol dependant tune (to the extent that the car will likely go into limp mode if the meth cuts out), then offer a non-meth map too so they’ll see best performance possible without using any meth. This way the customer can drive the six hours to the track without using any methanol…upload the hot tune to the ECU, switch the meth setup on and go for the best quarter mile times! They can also keep the Touch Tune in the glovebox, so should they run out of meth they can simply upload the non-meth tune, and carry on driving as normal – the possibilities are endless.

The third is the pre-existing customer. They’ve had their car tuned on the dyno – but they’ve now fitted a decat pipe. The car doesn’t need re-tuning, but they need the software to remove the engine management light. Perhaps they’ve decided they want pops & bangs added to the map? Popcorn limiters? Antilag? We can make these additions to the map, then send them a modified file with these functions on it for them to install at home.

How many maps can I put on it?

As many as five maps can be installed…so if we posted you out a Touch Tune, with a stock map & Stage 1 map on it and you then decided you wanted more power, you could bolt on all the Stage 2 bits & then just buy a Stage 2 tune from us. We can send you the file…and you can upload it at home. No waiting for booking appointments or anything – just plug it in and write the file to the car for Stage 2 power.

Can you map my turbo swapped car remotely with this?

Unfortunately not. Anything past Stage 2 (including water/meth tuning) has to be done on the dyno to ensure engine safety, so at this point you’ll have to come and see us – however once it’s done, we’ll upload the file to your touch tune unit, so you’ll always be able to remove and rewrite that tune to the car!

How many cars does it work with?

Just the one – when you use it with a car, the tool locks to that cars VIN number.

How much does one of these cost?

Prices on the Touch Tune start at £295.00 + the touch tune device; map prices vary depending on options.

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