Mercedes GLS 63 AMG Tuning

Mercedes GLS 63 AMG Twin-Turbo 5.5-Litre V8 Engine ECU Remapping And Tuning

The Mercedes GLS 63 AMG is a monster right out of the factory. With quoted figures at 575BHP and 760Nm torque, and the car weighing over 2.5 tonnes, it’s no wonder everyone loves it. The car, which could better be described as a bus, launches from 0-62mph in just 4.5 seconds. With a beast this fast, there was only one logical thing for us to do: make it even faster of course.

Mercedes GLS 63 AMG Stock Results

Mercedes claim that out of the factory, this car should produce 575bhp/760Nm torque as stated above. We know that German car manufacturers generally understate their figures. We expected increased stock results knowing how understated the German manufacturers are.

Just as predicted, when we squeezed the car onto the dyno (literally!) and gave it a few runs, we found that the car was actually making a little over 600bhp and almost 830Nm torque. Needless to say the owner of this car was happy to hear that in fact he already had a more powerful car than he originally thought! We next data logged the engine parameters on the dyno to help calibrate a map for the engine.

The Tuned Results

After several hundred map changes and lots of fine tuning we were set for the final dyno runs on the GLS AMG. As the dyno graph shows, this engine was very tunable. The car actually made an additional 50bhp and 200Nm torque! This means the AMG is now producing 650bhp and over 1000Nm torque with just a performance tune! This really gives the car an extra kick when accelerating. The Mercedes GLS 63 AMG with our stage 1 tune gains a lot of torque but keeps the ride smooth and luxurious, whilst at the same time being able to beat most road cars in a straight line as any good AMG should.

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