Golf R Forge Big Brakes Kit Golf R Forge Big Brakes Kit

Golf R Big Brake Kit Install

What does a car with nearly 500bhp need more than anything? The ability to stop 500bhp. This Stage 3 Golf R was in for a Forge Brake upgrade that we offer supplied and fitted.

When you talk about modifying cars, many people will think about making more power or maybe changing the aesthetics. These are both great options but when your car is running big power you need to make sure you can still stop the car reasonably quickly. This is something that is obviously very important when tuning your car, however few people will think about it when deciding what their next big modification will be. We had a customer approach us asking for a brakes upgrade for his Golf R which we tuned stage 3 previously. For this, we ordered the Golf R Forge Big Brakes Kit which we installed ourselves.

Golf R Forge Big Brakes Kit Fitting

Golf R Forge Big Brakes Kit

The kit includes a set of discs, callipers, pads and braided brake lines for each side. As you can see visually the kit is stunning and would improve the look of any Golf R’s wheel arch. But along with this, it really does stop the car. If you’d like to have a look at more forge products, check out their website.

Stripping And Replacing The Brakes


Firstly, the old callipers come off the car, followed by the old discs. For this particular brake kit, the backing plate for the discs is also removed so that everything can fit as intended. The old brake fluid is left to drain before attaching the braided brake lines.


Once this is complete, we fit the brake line, callipers and disc as shown. I think you’ll agree that even just looks alone, this kit is already x10 better than the OEM set up.


The callipers go in next, making sure they are even so that there is not excessive wear on one side. The silver pad retainer then covers the top to hold everything in place when it is in the correct position.

Golf R Forge Big Brakes Kit

Once fully fitted, this is what you get. The vented discs look great and make for much better airflow through them, therefore cooling them down. The EBC Yellow brake pads that come with the kit are great for fast road or track use. Finally, before we put the wheels back on, we added 11mm wheel spacers on the front and 30mm on the rear to give the car a more aggressive stance. Our customer was very happy with the way these performed on his nearly 500 BHP Golf R.

If you have a car that is in need of a brakes upgrade, enquire with us today to see what we can do.

Golf R Forge Big Brakes Kit

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