BMW S1000RR Engine Tuning

The BMW S1000RR has been a very well known and respected bike since its release.

This is mainly down to the excellent out of the box handling and extra electrical goodies, such as Traction Control, Wheelie Control, ABS, Lap Timers, different Power Maps depending on weather conditions and if you want to have a “Spirited Ride” or not.

Of course the biggest attraction for riders is the power of the 998cc engine, more than enough for any weekend toy. However as time goes on you get used to the brutal power and start the quest for more. This is how we got our hands on one.
The customer initially asked for a bit more mid range power as he found that the bikes’ powered band favoured the top end of the RPM range. If you ride these bikes on the road you will know that anything over 9,000RPM will get you in big trouble.

After a quick look around and check of this 2011 BMW S1000RR we found an Aftermarket De-Cat Pipe with Short Silencer, and a Performance Replacement Air Filter.
Next was a full diagnostics scan. Most motorbike garages haven’t the diagnostics to carry this out but here at JF Automotive we have the tools capable of this.
This produced codes for the Exhaust Valve that had been disconnected due to the De-Cat and an intermittent Camshaft Sensor.
After clearing these codes only the Exhaust Valve remained, the Camshaft fault appeared to have rectified itself.

We ran the bike on our workshop Dyno and after a couple of runs obtained a set of stock power figures 184.5BHP & 111Nm of Torque. Next we removed the ECU to make a full backup of the standard software and then made a full custom tuning file. After a couple of software tweaks we started noticing that the power curve wasn’t as smooth as we were hoping and the struggle to get any mid range power was becoming apparent.

After focussing on a couple of different parameters and logging the data, we checked a couple of physical parts of the bike and found that the de-cat pipe, which had been purchased from eBay, had very tight bends in the pipework which restricted the power of the engine. With this, we contacted the customer who a ordered a full Akrapovic Race System.

Two weeks down the line the race system arrived and in the mean time we had an opportunity to strip the lower fairings and replace the Camshaft sensor, as the fault code reappeared after further dyno testing.
We removed the old aftermarket exhaust and the difference between the new exhaust and the aftermarket one is made clear in the images above.

We then fit the new race exhaust and ran further dyno tests.
Straight away a huge mid range increase was noticeable, with 112WHP & 93Nm to 133WHP & 111Nm of Torque.@ 8864RPM.

The final figures produced were 196.73BHP & 121.67Nm of Torque an increase of 12.23BHP & 10.67Nm of Torque from the original figures of 184.5BHP & 111Nm.

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