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Bentley Continental GT Tuning

Can we make this car go faster? Of course we can.

Bentley have been around for over a century now making powerful, handcrafted luxury cars. The Continental GT Supersports 06-12 is certainly no exception to this. An ultra smooth ride in some of the automotive industries most comfortable seats, whilst also being able to unleash all 621 BHP from the 6.0l W12 at the push of a pedal. Here at JF Automotive, we develop custom in-house files for cars like the Supersports to get the very most out of your engine. At the same time, keeping it well within the realms of safest for your car. We’ve had many Continental GT’s on our Mustang 2000 dyno meaning we have greatly developed our Bentley Continental GT tuning over the many years we’ve been around.

Stock Results and Figures

As we said, Bentley Continental GT Tuning is very beneficial. More power and torque, improved drivability and sharper throttle response all from a simple stage 1 remap.

We drove the car onto the dyno so that we could get a baseline to compare our developed software to. What we found was the car was actually running 585 BHP and 829Nm torque. Some of you might be looking at this thinking the numbers are a bit odd, they don’t line up with the factory figures? Well this car was manufactured in 2007, and over the years, many factors can cause loss of power: Dirty air filter, clogged fuel injectors, worn piston rings, fouled spark plugs, the list goes on. This doesn’t mean that we can’t still get power out of the engine however…

Bentley Continental GT Tuning Results

After several hundred map alterations and lots of tweaking we were set for the final dyno runs on the Supersports. We managed to achieve a massive 670 BHP and 930Nm torque! As you can imagine this really livens up the car more than it’s previous manufacturers stated power of 621 BHP! This car weighs nearly 2.5 tons, the extra 100Nm torque gained is definitely feels a lot nicer for the driver.

If you have a Continental GT and want to know more about our service, call or email us today!

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