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Audi RS6/7 C8 Tuning

The success of Audi’s super estate & sportback continues with the C8. The 4.0 twin turbo V8 is a monster engine that has even more potential than Audi offer! Our ECU calibration offers the addition of over 100HP!

It’s no surprise that the C8 RS6 & RS7 are FAST. With 600HP on tap under your right foot, a 0-60 time of around 3 seconds is easily achievable. In typical Audi fashion, looks and practicality are equally as impressive for such a car.  This makes it arguably one of the best all rounders out there! That doesn’t mean that these cars can’t benefit from some JFA RS6/7 C8 Tuning of course!

As many may know, these cars share an identical drivetrain, and therefore both benefit equally from remapping! By far our most popular option would be a JFA Stage 1 remap. This article will explain more about what we do whilst your vehicle is with us, focusing on the black RS7 you see in the pictures below.

Stock Figures

Audi love to downplay the true power of their RS cars especially. Even though 600HP and 800Nm torque from a stock car sounds ridiculous, our dynameter shows this particular RS7 is running a staggering 631HP & 834Nm Torque! This isn’t a shock; we know from experience that German car manufactures like to sell short their figures.

These figures are great and all… However we know that after the map, the results are going to be much greater!

Audi RS6/7 C8 Tuning Figures

You can never have too much power, and no where does this apply more than with the C8 RS6/7. After running diagnostics to ensure every system in the car is healthy, our file writers got to work on the map. The purpose of this is mostly precautionary as any issues prior to mapping could be exaggerated once running a significant increase in torque.

After each major map tweak, the car is run on the dyno to measure it’s performance. These adjustments are what really set JFA apart from the competition.

We eagerly started the final dyno run to find that the the RS7 has been transformed to be run 733.8HP and 1056.9Nm Torque. Needless to say with 256Nm Torque more than what Audi quote from factory, the owner was over the moon – “It feels like an entirely different car!”.

Take It To The Next Level

While the Stage 1 remap is by far the best ‘bang-for-buck’ modification that we recommend, there are still an abundance of modifications that we offer for the C8 platform, notably giving the exhaust a much needed upgrade and a stunning Eventuri Carbon Intake system.

Remus Aftermarket Exhaust System

Our recommended exhaust system for the RS6/7 has to be from Remus Exhausts. They offer both Axleback or GPF Back systems with a variety of tip options to choose from. The GPF Back system offers for a much deeper, louder and more aggressive tone that you’d expect from a RS car, especially a Turbo V8 like this. The Axleback system offers customers a nice middle ground option; a notable increase in sound with much more character than the stock system without compromising cruising volume comfort.

Eventuri Carbon Intake For Audi RS6/7 C8

Eventuri is a company known in the Aftermarket industry for being the best of the best when it comes to intake systems, and the system for the RS6/7 C8 is no exception. Working around the limited space of the car’s engine bay, Eventuri developed this intake with lots of scanning, simulation and real-life testing to ensure their system offers both increased flow rate and smoother air flow. All of this taken into account, Eventuri state that the intake alone amounts to horsepower increases of 45-50HP! Needless to say, it also looks remarkable! Take a look at Eventuri’s site here. This system has just been released and can be ordered through us now – get in touch for a quote!

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