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Audi RS3 Tuning

Want more power and torque out of your car? Who doesn’t. Our software transforms the Audi RS3 into even more of an animal…

The Audi RS3 is like the RS4’s smaller, more aggressive brother. It really has got everything one might need. Coming in either a sportback or saloon chassis, there is practicality in the design and comfort when inside. As with all Audi RS cars, when you want to put your foot down, you get the results. From a distance, the RS3 could blend in with any other car on the road. When you get closer you’ll notice the twin exhausts and the rather sporty looking rear. It’s at this point that the little RS3 could probably shock some supercars with how well the car picks up! The car’s 2.5l turbocharged engine spits out 362BHP and 465Nm torque as standard which along with Quattro, is really enough to get moving! We offer an Audi RS3 Tuning package which takes this car to the next level.

RS3 Stock Power

We first run diagnostics checks on the car to make sure that everything is running as should be. We do this before changing anything on the car so that we can be sure everything will run smooth after mapping. Audi claim that the car churns out 362BHP with 465Nm torque. While this is very impressive, we know from experience that German manufacturers actually down-play their figures meaning the car might actually be making more power out of the factory! Sure enough when we put the car on the dyno we found that this engine in particular was making 390BHP and 490Nm torque! This is nearly 30BHP more than what we thought! This is obviously a huge difference, however we can still tune the car just the same!

Audi RS3 Tuning Figures

After many tweaks and adjustments being made to our remap, we were finally happy with the results this car was producing. A final few dyno runs revealed a whopping 431BHP and 564Nm torque! Just shy of 70BHP over what Audi think this car produces is a huge difference! When road testing, the car felt entirely different. The torque curve on the dyno graph shows just how different the power delivery is throughout the entire rev range now. We recommend a performance tune such as this to any Audi RS car as it completely unlocks the true potential of these amazing German engines. The difference is truly night and day.

If you have an RS3 and would like similar figures from your vehicle, call or e-mail us today to discuss what we can do for you.

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