Alfa Romeo ECU Remapping

Alfa Romeo Engine Tuning

Alfa Romeo ECU Remapping

Alfa Romeo ECU Remapping will offer great power and fuel economy enhancements , however as with most vehicles the peak power gains are only half the benefit. You will also find power delivery earlier in the rev range. This is due to additional low down torque and sharper throttle response along with vast improvements to mid-range torque providing a wider power band.

Alfa Romeo Gearbox TCU Remapping

Alfa Romeo’s with an automatic or semi automatic transmission can have a gearbox remap in addition to the engine remap. A gearbox remap for your Alfa Romeo will offer faster gear shift speeds, smoother shifts, faster reaction to paddle shift inputs and improved mid range torque by releasing torque limiters. Transmission lock is also improved giving a faster response during acceleration and assisting with kick down at low speeds.

Alfa Romeo Dyno Tuning

Our purpose built research and development facility houses out very own Mustang AWD 2000BHP linked dyno. This allows us to accurately measure every parameter we adjust. This is to ensure a tune is every bit as safe as it it powerful. When booking your Alfa Romeo ECU remap, book a set of dyno runs to see a full print out of power before and after the tuning.

Alfa Romeo Performance Exhaust System

We have a range of exhaust systems available for your Alfa Romeo including Milltek, Remus, Capristo, Akrapovič and many more. Just ask us for a quotation.

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