Red 2021 Abarth Outside Next To JFA Sign Red 2021 Abarth Outside Next To JFA Sign

2021 Abarth Tuning – A Worlds First!

JF Automotive has successfully tuned the 2021 model Abarth 595, previously thought by many to be impossible!

Abarth Tuning has been our speciality for a long time. We’ve owned 2 Abarth Development cars (so far!) that we’ve worked on in order to perfect our craft. Our current JFA Abarth is a 2021 Turismo model, which in the tuning industry is known to be ‘un-tuneable’. We dismissed this and sought to find a workaround that would allow us to continue tuning these fun road go-karts. After many hours of development, we’re happy to announce that JF Automotive is now able to remap all new Abarths! Now we can produce the same great results as the older models!

Whilst this doesn’t appear too impressive on the surface, these brand new models are all locked from the factory, meaning traditional remap methods won’t work… so we’ve come up with a creative bypass that works! We can’t go too much into detail yet about our methods for this, however I can say that to our customer’s, the car will appear and function identically! We are confident in that we are the only company to have done this so far thanks to much hard work and development from our experienced technicians.

Abarth Tuning – Can My Car Benefit From A Remap?

Abarth offer different horsepower variants in the 2021 onwards line: 135, 140, 145, 160, 165, 180 & 190 HP. Models up to and including 160 HP use a smaller ‘IHI’ turbo, whereas 165 HP and up use a larger ‘Garrett’ turbo that allow us to extract even more power! All models benefit in one way or another from a remap. The example dyno graph is from a 2021 Turismo with 165 HP. This allowed us to take the car up to an impressive 196 HP!

For more information on this service or a quote, please use the contact form at the top of this page! Be sure to follow our dedicated Abarth social media channels below to see more cool scorpion-related content!

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