Alientech KESSv2


Chiptuning means to have the possibility to remap the ECU of a car,van, camper, bike, truck or marine application by Modifying the parameters of the engine. The Alientech KESSv2 is the perfect solution for this.

Offer a safe and custom-made remapping service!

  • Access to the ECU via OBD
  • Compatible with all brands
  • Automatic checksum correction
  • Activation sorted by vehicle
  • Safe and supported programming
  • Updated vehicles list
  • ECU files reading
  • ECU files writing
  • Single software manager
  • Illustrated multilingual Manual
  • High Speed reading and writing
  • Non-mandatory subscription
  • Supports Cars, Bikes, Vans, Trucks, Boats, Tractors.

Learn how to use KESSv2 at its best

Our Academy offers a training course aimed to the use of Alientech KESSv2 and its software. This is free with every purchase off a Alientech KESSv2.

Alientech KESSv2 KSuite

Tuning Files For KESSv2

After we have supplied a new dealer with their Alientech KESSv2, we then support them with tuning files through the dealer portal or through WinOls & the dealer portal if you opt for a Master KESSv2.


Alientech offer support the whole time the KESSv2 is in active subscription. We also offer support for the tool along with tuning file support and help along the way. The best point of contact for support is though the dealer portal but we also have great WhatsApp dealer support or simply pick up the phone and call us.

Supported Vehicles

Alientech’s monthly growing vehicles list.

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