ADAS Calibration

JF Automotive is proud to offer ADAS calibration at our facility in Maidstone, Kent. We use the very best equipment so that you can be confident your car’s systems are running at their best.

What is ADAS?

ADAS stands for Advanced Driver-Assistance Systems. This involves everything from adaptive high beams to full collision avoidance systems. As technology becomes more advanced, more and more cars offer these systems. This is great for safety on the roads because cars are now able to stop before hitting pedestrians or other motorists. But what happens when these systems aren’t working properly?

ADAS Calibration

If your ADAS system isn’t calibrated, it is very dangerous for yourself and those around you. The car may detect objects too early, potentially resulting in the car emergency breaking when you are actually a safe distance away. The car may also detect objects too late resulting in the emergency systems not being functional at all. Anytime the car has any work involving body panels or windows of the car containing a camera or a radar system, it will need recalibrating. We offer this calibration at a professional level for your peace of mind.

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If you need a car’s ADAS Systems calibrated, get it booked in with us for the very best service. Our techs will calibrate a car to the manufacturers standards quickly and efficiently.

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